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Banana Slicing Machine


Brief Introduction of Banana Slicing Machine
The banana slicer is suitable for the banana chips production line. The thickness of slice can be freely adjusted from 1mm-20mm by increasing or decreasing spacers. The shape could be round slice or diagonal slice by using different feed inlet. The slice has a smooth surface without broken. We have different sizes of feed inlets to fit for different sizes of materials.
Features of Banana Slicing Machine
1. Nice and elegant appearance.
2. Made by stainless steel, clean and durable.
3. High capacity, largely saving labor cost.
4. Easy operation, stable performance, easy maintenance.
5. Voltage could be customized.
Application of Banana Slicing Machine
The slicer can slice vegetables and fruits that require round slices, such as banana, plantain, apple, pineapple, lemon, potato, sweet potato, cassava, cucumber, eggplant, carrot, taro, balsam pear, lotus root, etc.
It is suitable for school, restaurant, supermarket, fried banana chips plant, and other vegetable and food processing plant.
Operating Instruction of Banana Slicing Machine
The banana slicer is composed of machine rack, feed inlet, rotating cutter head, motor and transmission part, etc.
1. Connect the proper power supply and connect the ground line, connect leakage protector.
2. Check if the cutter head rotates toward the right direction.
3. Check the cutting thickness and see if it is as required. If not, adjust it by increasing or decreasing the spacers.
4. Put the material into the feed inlet, and the slices cut by high speed rotating cutter will come out from the outlet.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Banana Slicing Machine
1. Never put metal or tool into the feed inlet.
2. The material to be sliced should be clean without clay or gravel to avoid damaging the cutter.
3. Never put your hands into the feed inlet when feeding the material.
4. Pay attention that the switch must not be splashed when cleaning the machine.
5. Check and change V belt in case the machine runs powerlessly.
Technical Specification of Banana Slicing Machine

Type Capacity Power Weight Overall Dimensions
IFC300 300-600kg/h 0.75kw/380V 90kg  540*820*1060mm

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