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Brush Potato Washing and Peeling Machine

potato peeling machine

Brush Potato Washing and Peeling Machine Introduction.

The Potato cleaning and peeling machine is specially designed to clean and peel the round and oval-shaped root vegetables, like the potatoes, carrots, cassavas and others. It is engineered adopting the brush friction principle and absorbing the advanced technology of root vegetables washing and peeling at home and abroad. The mainly consistence are driven motor, 8-15 brush rollers and speed changer. The driven motors propel the spiral rollers rotation to clean and peel the potatoes automatically. And we offer emery potato washing and peeling machine, too.
Brush Potato Washing and Peeling Machine Characteristics

1. Stainless steel material guarantees a longer service life, sanitary and clean state.
2. It can achieve continues and uninterrupted washing and peeling.


3. Easy to operate and convenient to maintain.
4. Larger capacity, lower energy and water consumption
5. High washing and peeling rate and low breakage rate.
6. Keeping integrality and smoothness of potatoes.
7. Customized capacity and model will meet your various requirements.
Brush Potato Washing and Peeling Machine Application

1. The potato cleaning and peeling machine may clean and peel various kinds of vegetables, such as potatoes, cassavas, white gourd, ginger, sweet potato, radish, taro, and root and stem vegetables.
2. The machine could be applied in vegetable processing factory, fruit processing factory, quick-frozen food factory, canning food factory, etc.
Why Choose Brush Potato Washing and Peeling Machine
1. The spiral brush is made of food grade nylon cord, adopts special rolled workmanship, high wear-resistance and high durable purpose.
2. The special high pressure spraying head can wash and peel potatoes enough cleaner.

potato washing machine

washing potatoes

washing and peeling potato


3. The waste collection box under the machine can make sure there is enough space for cleaning the waste of the potatoes by brush roller.
4. The new added strainer can separate the waste and waste water.
Brush Potato Cleaning and Peeling Machine Parameters


Capacity   Power Weight   Dimensions
 IFW-800 800kg/h  1.1kw/380v   220kg  1440*730*740mm
 IFW-1200  1200kg/h 2.2kw/380v  300kg   2120*840*900mm
 IFW-1500  1500 kg/h  3kw/380v 380kg   2400*840*900mm
IFW-1800  1800kg/h  3kw/380v   400kg  2550*840*900mm
 IFW-2000  2000 kg/h  4kw/380v  460kg  2900*840*900mm
 IFW-3000  3000kg/h 4kw/380v   560kg 2900*1100*900mm 
 IFW-4000  4000kg/h 4kw/380v  600kg  3050*1200*1160mm 
 IFW-5000  5000kg/h 5.5kw/380v   700kg 2900*1285*1150mm 


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