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Automatic Potato Chips Production Line


Automatic Potato Chips Line Introduction
Automatic potato chips processing line is developed by our company based on the advanced technology in combination with the food production enterprise features. This processing line avoids large investment high charge. Meanwhile it has the following features: high automatic, high efficiency and energy -saving. The processing capacities are 100-150kg/h, 200-260kg/h and 350-400kg/h.

Model Capacity Power Consumption
IPC-100 100-150kg/h 155.8Kw.h
IPC-200 200-260kg/h 209.7Kw.h
IPC-350 350-400kg/h 270.4Kw.h

Advantages of Automatic Potato Chips Line
1. High efficiency: the whole production line is easy to operate with high productivity.
2. Reliable performance: the potato chips and crisps have good shape with smooth surface and uniform thickness. Besides, the thickness could be adjusted according to your requirements.
3. Multifunctional: potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, cassava and other root-stem vegetables could be processed as the raw materials.
4. Safe: all the machines are made by stainless steel which accords with the healthy standards well.
Brief Description of Potato Chips Machines


Potato elevator: used to transfer the fresh potatoes into the cleaning and peeling machine in large quantity. This machine is optional for some chips making factory.
Cleaning and peeling machine: used to wash the fresh potatoes and peel the skin automatically without damage.
Potato Cutting machine: cut the potatoes into chips, sticks and wave chips, just change different knives. The thickness of the chips or sticks is adjustable.
Chips Blanching machine: used to prepare for chips frying, it can make the color, taste better and make the chips crispier.
De-watering machine: used to reduce the water contained in the chips, thus it will be easier to be fried.
Frying machine: For the potato chips needed to be totally fried to make it crisper, if produce frozen French fries, only need to be half fried.
De-oiling machine: totally remove the oil in the products.
Flavoring machine: it is to mix the flavor to the surface of the chips to get different taste chips. Cover more consumers.
Chips packing machine: used to pack the final product. Our fully automatic packing machine can feed, elevate, weigh and pack the potato chips automatically.

potato chips processing line

Fun Facts about Potato Chips
1. Favorite Snack:Potato chips are favorite snack all over the world.
2. Potato Chip Day:March 14th is National Potato Chip Day.
3. Pound for Pound:It takes 3,500 pounds of potatoes to make 1,000 pounds of potato chips.
4. Birthday:The year 2013 was the 160th birthday of potato chips. Potato chips first became available in grocery stores in 1895.
100-150kg/h Automatic Potato Chips Line Technical Data

No.  Name Power/Voltage   Dimension
 1 Potato Elevator  0.55kw/380V/50Hz  2535*900*2150mm
 2  Washing and Peeling Machine  2.75kw/380V/50Hz  3050*800*1600mm
 3  Potato Picking Line  0.55kw/380V/50Hz  3700*1040*940mm
 4  Elevator  0.55kw/380V/50Hz  1700*700*1740mm
 5  Potato Cutting Machine  1.5kw/380V/50Hz  670*510*1400mm
 6  Bubble Cleaning Line  1.87kw/380V/50Hz  3490*1450*1400mm
 7  Blanching Line  40.5kw/380V/50Hz  5100*1070*1240mm
 8  Rinsing Line  1.87kw/380V/50Hz  3490*1450*1400mm
 9  Air-cooled De-watering Machine  6kw/380V/50Hz  4100*850*1840mm
 10  Electrical Frying Line  125kw/380V/50Hz  5600*1700*2250mm
 11  De-oiling Line  6kw/380V/50Hz  4100*850*1880mm
 12  Flavoring Line  1.12kw/380V/50Hz  3240*850*2200mm
 13  Picking Line  0.55kw/380V/50Hz  3560*700*1255mm
 14  Packing Machine  6kw/380V/50Hz  /


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