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Automatic Banana Chips Production Line


Full-auto Banana Chips Production Line Introduction

Our full-automatic banana chips line adopts the most advanced banana chips making machines. Banana chips are crispy snack food similar to potato chips. Banana chips are normally made from under-ripe fruits by frying the slices in oil. The processing capacity we supply is from 60kg/h to 300 kg/h.

Automatic Banana Chips Line Features

1. Every machine is made of high quality stainless steel, up to health standard, easy to clean.
2. The frying machine keeps the frying oil clean, thus reducing oil consumption and improves banana chips quality.
3. High working efficiency, save labor and energy.
4. Equipped with advanced and efficient heating system, avoiding energy waste.



5. Superior quality and competitive price.
6. Suitable for large scale banana chips production.

Equipment of Banana Chips Processing Line

Banana slicing machine: equipped with sharp blades, bananas are cut uniformly.
Hoister: elevates the banana chips into the washing machine.
Banana chips washing machine: to remove small and sticky of the banana chips
Banana blanching machine: to blanch the banana so that it is easier to frying and keep the color of the banana chips.
Banana chips dewatering machine: to dewater the water of the banana chips after blanching.
Banana chips frying machine: full automatic frying can reduce the moisture to 2% and get the crispy chips.
Banana chips de-oiling machine: remove the oil of the banana chips.
The flavoring machine: used for seasoning the fried chips. Whichever flavor is needed totally depends on yourself.
Picking line: conveying the banana chips into the automatic packing machine.
Automatic banana chips packing machine: full automatic filling, data printing, sealing, etc.

Several Different Types of Banana Chips

1. Banana figs -These are bananas which are cut into slices and then dried either in the sun or by artificial means.
2. Savory banana chips - They are drained in order to remove the excess oil, and subsequently flavored with a variety of spices. And you can choose our banana chips processing line to make it!
3. Sweet banana chips -These are bananas slices which have either been soaked or dipped in a strong sugar syrup or honey.

Technical Data of 150kg/hr Banana Chips Production Line

 No.  Product name  Power  Dimension
 1  Banana slicing machine  0.75kw/380v/50Hz 540*820*1060mm 
 2  Chips hoister 0.75kw/380v/50Hz  1700*1000*800mm 
 3  Chips rinsing line 1.87kw/380v/50Hz  3000*1030*1350mm 
 4 Banana chips blanching machine   54.55kw/380v/50Hz 4500*1130*1400mm 
 5   Cold air dewatering machine  6.75kw/380v/50Hz  4000*950*1880mm
 6  Electric chips frying line Heating power: 120kw/380v/50Hz
Auxiliary power: 7kw/380v/50Hz
 7  Banana chips de-oiling machine 18.75kw/380v/50Hz  4000*1000*2250mm 
 8  Banana chips flavoring machine  1.1kw/380v/50Hz  2800*900*2300mm
 9   Picking line 0.55kw/380v/50Hz  3700*800*1130mm 
 10  Packing machine  6kw/380v/50Hz /


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