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Raw materials


The raw materials could be sweet potato, carrot, cassava and other vegetables besides potato.

The proportion of potato to potato chips
It’s 3.5:1(means 3.5kg potatoes can make 1kg potato chips)

Our small scale potato chips production line is made up of 8 machines, and all of them are preassembled before making delivery. When they arrives at you, you just need to put on electricity, and then they could work, it is very convenient.

Oil consumption (50kg/h small scale potato chips line)
In theory, our frying machine could contain 100kg oil, and if you work continuously the whole day, then you will need to change oil about once every two months. If you will operate the machine 8 hours/ day, then the oil could be used last about 4 month. Of course, usually our customers will add oil during the operation, and after finishing operation, you could release the water to let the residue flow outside together with the water. This increase the oil’s using cycle.


Water consumption (50kg/h small scale potato chips line)
Our blanching machine could contain 200kg water, you could change it when it becomes turbidity, as to how often you change it, this is up to your request.

Workers you need (Small scale potato chips line)
You’d better arrange one worker to operate one machine, or one worker operate two machines.

The voltage of all the machines could be changed according to your requirements.
Spare parts

There will be full set spare parts for each production line. If you need, you could order them along with the machines.

Here is the answer

Exported to these countries
Mexico, Nigeria, Ecuador, Iraq, Thailand, etc.

One year.

Working video
We have the clear working video for small scale and full-automatic potato chips production line.

If you need, we will send you our recipes along with machine for your reference.