Model Dimension Weight Power Capacity
QX-2500 2500*1000*1300mm 180kg 3.75kw 500kg/h
QX-4000 4000*1200*1300mm 400kg 4.1kw 800kg/h
QX-5000 5000*1200*1300mm 500kg 5.1kw 1500kg/h
QX-6000 6000*1200*1300mm 600kg 5.5kw 2000kg/h

Introduction of Air Bubble Potato Chips Rinsing Machine

The potato chips rinsing machine adopts a high-pressure air bubble tumbling cleaning system and water spraying system, which is used to wash off potato starch. The air bubble potato chips washing machine is commonly equipped in the fully automatic potato chips plant and frozen French Fries plant.

Application of Air Bubble Potato Chips Rinsing Machine

Not only for cleaning potato slices in the potato chips industry, this air bubble washing machine can also be used to fully wash and remove sands, dusts and other impurities in the leafy vegetables and fruit,. such as mushrooms, celery, spinach, cabbage, and apple, tomatoes, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, strawberry and so on.

air bubble fruit vegetable washing machine application

Details & Advantages of Water Bubble Potato Chips Washing Machine

Customized Air Bubble Potato Chips Washing Machine with Air Fan for Drying

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