Model MQ-200 MQ-400
Dimension 750*500*1100mm 950*700*1150mm
Weight 120kg 140kg
Power 1.1kw 1.5kw
Capacity 200kg/h 400kg/h

All In One Potato Washing Peeling Cutting Machine Introduction

This potato washing peeling cutting machine is a multifunctional and a combined all-in-one machine. It can washing potatoes firstly, then peel and finally cut the potatoes into chips or fries, and the thickness can be adjusted. It saves a lot of manpower and time, which is convenient to use. It is Widely used in restaurants, hotels, kitchens, and other vegetable processing lines.

Details of This All-in-one Potato Cutting Machine

Advantages of Potato Peeling Cutting Machine

  1. Small size, multifunctional machine for peeling, washing, cutting.
  2. High-speed alloy blade, cutting size is 2-10mm.
  3. Equipped with wheels makes it easy to move.
  4. The body of the washing and peeling machine is made of complete food-grade SUS304 stainless steel material.
  5. High-quality stainless knife. Durable in use, saving time and labor
  6. Big capacity up to 400kg/h.
  7. Customized Voltage.

Application of Potato Peeling Cutting Machine

This potato peeling and cutting machine is widely used for peeling and cutting round, oval fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, yam and melon and fruit, vegetable root tuber crops. It is an affordable and high efficient chioce for small or medium scale potato chips production line

multifunctional application of potato peeling cutting machinie
multifucntional potato cutting machine for fries and chips
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