Model ADTY-800
Dimension 1200*1200*1400mm
Weight 620kg
Power 1.5kw/380v
Capacity 2000kg/h

Introduction of Automatic Discharging Potato Chips Deoiling Machine

This automatic potato chips deoiling machine is made of stainless steel. It adopts the centrifugal principle, excellent performance, and won’t damage the fried food. After deoiling, fried food will be discharged from the bottom automatically.
Features with automatic feeding by one elevator, automatic discharging from the bottom, and automatic conveying the deoiled product by another elevator, this potato chips automatic deoiling/dewatering machine can work with other machines in fully automatic chips & fries production line.

Advantages of Automatic Discharge Deoiling/ Dewatering Machine

  1. This fried food deoiling machine is equipped with a shake-proof device, it will not shake in the process of dewatering and deoiling. Safe to the operators and less damage to the machine itself.
  2. A double air cylinder could work continuously.
  3. This fried food de-oiling machine is equipped with automatic digital control, electromagnetic brake, easy to operate, high efficiency, high deoiling rate.
  4. Bottom discharge type, the product will be transported by a conveyor.
  5. Frame use 3mm SUS304 plate, cover use 2mm SUS304 plate.
  6. The working time can be set according to the raw material and satisfy different demands.
  7. Spinning speed 700rpm. If you need, we can add the frequency speed controller to adjust the speed of the whirling basket.

Application of Centrifugal De-oiling Machine with Automatic Discharge

This centrifugal de-oiling machine is widely used to remove oil from fried food, such as fried potato chips, french fries, plantain chips, snacks, beans, etc. and also to dewater fruit and vegetable after washing.

application of deoiling machine

Video Show for Dewatering Dates

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