Type Model Dimension Weight Power Capacity
Electric Heating ZDYZ-1000Y 1400*1200*1600mm 300kg 36kw 100kg/h
ZDYZ-1200Y 1600*1300*1650mm 400kg 48kw 150kg/h
ZDYZ-1500Y 1900*1600*1700mm 580kg 60kw 200kg/h
Gas Heating ZQYZ-1000Y 1700*1600*1600mm 600kg Burner (150,000Kcal) 100kg/h
ZQYZ-1200Y 1900*1700*1600mm 700kg Burner (200,000Kcal) 150kg/h
ZQYZ-1500Y 1700*1600*1600mm 900kg Burner (300,000Kcal) 200kg/h
ZQYZ-1500F 1900*970*1200mm 230kg 40kw 200kg/h
ZQYZ-2000F 2350*1050*1200mm 280kg 54kw 300kg/h

Introduction of Potato Chips Frying Machine with Automatic Discharge

This automatic potato chips frying machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel and is designed with an advanced oil-water mixing process. After oil and water mixed, they are automatically stratified. After the oil is heated in the upper layer, the food is fried, and the water receives the sinking waste underneath, which can be removed in time. Reduce smoke and increase oil utilization rate.

Commercial frying machine for industrial use

Types of Automatic Potato Chips Frying Machine with Discharge System

1. According to the heating method, there are electric heating frying machines and gas heating frying machines for choice. Electric heating has its own temperature display configuration, while gas heating temperature display requires additional configuration.

Deep frying machine

Electric frying machine

Deep frying machine

Gas frying machine

2. According to the shape of the frying pot, there are round pot frying machines and rectangle pot frying machines for choice.

Automatic frying machine

Rod pot frying machine

Fries frying machine

Rectangle pot frying machine

Application of Automatic Discharge Potato Chips Frying Machine

  1. The potato chips frying machine suits for frying all kinds of food, such as potato chips, french fries, banana chips, peanut, donut, chicken, beans, snacks, etc. It is suitable for the small and medium-size food processing industry.
  2. This machine can be equipped with a de-oil machine and conveyor to make a complete frying line to improve working efficiency and power.
  3. This type of frying machine can be used independently, it also can be used in one complete frying line, French fries production line, potato chips production line, or banana chips production line.
application of automatic plantain chips frying machine

Features of Automatic Discharging Potato Chips Frying Machine

  1. It is equipped with an automatic temperature controller to set the temperature from normal temperature to 300 C degree.
  2. It is made of 304 stainless steel.
  3. It Oil-water separation filtering system or pure oil filtering system
  4. It has an observation window to check the water and oil level.
  5. It is equipped with string equipment to ensure products being uniformly fried and prevent them from compression and adhesion. In the planetary stirring device, the vertical shaft rotating speed is 10rpm, horizontal pedal rotating speed is 30rpm.
  6. It can be electric heating or gas heating.
  7. It is equipped with Universal wheels for easy transporting.
  8. No oil smoke, this can keep the health of the working people.
  9. Electricity saving is 40%, oil saving is 50%.
  10. 10.It can be equipped with an automatic feeding and discharging system.
  11. 11.It can be equipped with a slag scraping device to collect the slag and residue to make oil clean.
  12. 12.Optional timer and alarm to remind you when the frying is finished
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