brush potato washing peeling machine
 Model Capacity  Power Weight  Dimensions
MSQX-800 700kg/h 1.1kw  180kg  1200*850*800mm
MSQX-1000  1000kg/h 1.5kw 220kg  1600*850*800mm
MSQX-1200  1200 kg/h  1.5kw 240kg  1800*850*800mm
MSQX-1500 1500kg/h 2.2kw  260kg  2100*850*800mm
MSQX-1800  1800 kg/h  2.2kw  280kg  2400*850*800mm
MSQX-2000  2000kg/h 3kw  320kg 2600*850*800mm

Brush Potato Peeling Machine Introduction

A brush potato cleaning peeling machine is specially designed to clean and peel the round and oval-shaped root vegetables, like potatoes, carrots, cassavas, and others. And also it can be used for fish scaling and seafood washing. It is engineered to adopt the brush friction principle and absorbing the advanced technology of root vegetable washing and peeling at home and abroad.
The main component is a driven motor, 9 brush rollers, and a speed changer. The driven motors propel the rotation of the spiral rollers to clean and peel the potatoes automatically. And we also supply Screw Feeding Automatic Potato Washing Peeling Machine which is best for large scale potato chips plant and french fries plant.

Brush Potato Washing and Peeling Machine Characteristics

  1. Itis made of food-grade 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 2mm.
  2. It has 9pcs roller brushes. The brushes can be soft nylon brushes, hard nylon brushes, or emery rollers for different vegetables and fruits.
  3. It is equipped with a spray nozzle for washing adding. The direction of the spray nozzle is adjustable.
  4. It is equipped with durable wheels for easy moving.
  5. VFD and control panel can be added as per the customer’s requirement to make the brush speed adjustable.
  6. Timer and alarm can be added for time setting.
  7. A water collecting tray can be added for wastewater discharge.

Brush Potato Washing and Peeling Machine Application

applications of brush peeling machine for root vegetables

  1. For fresh potatoes washing and peeling, 9 hard nylon brush rollers are suitable.
  2. For old potatoes, we should use 5 hard brush rollers & 4 emery rollers for peeling completely.
  3. For think peel potatoes or carrots, we have soft nylon brushes for a lower waste rate.
  4. For only washing purposes, soft nylon brushes can be used both by washing surface dirt and polishing the skin. Just like mango, orange, and carrot, etc.
  5. For Cassava peeling or fish scaling, or Oyster washing, we suggest using hard nylon brushes and emery roller together.
  6. For ginger washing and peeling, we have specialized brushes.
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