Model Dimension Weight Power Capacity
PT-2500 2500*1100*1300mm 300kg 60kw 300kg/h
PT-4000 4000*1100*1400mm 600kg 80kw 1000kg/h
PT-6000 6000*1100*1400mm 900kg 120kw 2000kg/h

Introduction of Continuous Belt Potato Chips Blanching Machine

This belt type potato chips blanching machine is made of food standard 304 stainless steel, widely used for blanching and sterilizing kinds of fruit, vegetables, chicken feet, meat, fish, seaweed, etc.  The potato chips blanching process can stop the activity of the enzyme to protect food from changing color and keep the natural taste of hot water. Especially suitable for easily damaged products and products in strips or bar-shaped. It is the necessary equipment for the potato chips plant & French fries industry.

Advantages of Belt Type Potato Chips Blanching Machine

  1. It is made of 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 3mm for the main body and 2mm for cover.
  2. The insulation layer is with a thickness of 70mm, which can effectively reduce heat loss.
  3. The mesh belt is made of 304 stainless steel with holes of 3mm. The width can be 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, and 1000mm.
  4. The motor for the conveyor belt is frequency adjustable, which can help to adjust the speed. Usually, it will need 90 seconds from input to output.
  5. The water temperature is adjustable. Usually, the temperature is 95 Degree for blanching chips.
  6. The height of the water is 80mm higher than the mesh belt.
motor of Continuous belt blanching machine
control box of Belt blancher
belt of Potato chips blanching machine
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