blanching machine for small potato chips production line
Model Dimension Weight Power Capacity
PT-500 700*700*950mm 70kg 12kw 100kg/h
PT-1000 1200*700*950mm 100kg 24kw 200kg/h
PT-1500 1700*700*950mm 160kg 36kw 300kg/h
PT-2000 2200*700*950mm 180kg 42kw 400kg/h

Introduction of Basket Potato Chips Blanching Machine

The basket potato chips blanching machine is used for batch working. It can be used for blanching the potato chips, meat, beans, peanuts, vegetables, and fruits etc. It is usually used for blanching potato chips in the French fries & potato chips production line. By using this machine, we can stop the enzyme activity in the potato and keep the fresh color, eliminate the off-flavor and keep the original flavor, as well as increase the softness of the cell to help moisture evaporation.

Basket Potato Chips Blanching Machine Features

  1. It is equipped with an automatic temperature controller to set the temperature from normal temperature to 100 C degree.
  2. It is made of 304 stainless steel.
  3. It can be electric heating or gas heating.
  4. It can effectively protect the original vivid color of the potato strips/potato chip, improve the softness of the cells, and facilitate the evaporation of water.
  5. The additives can be added during the blanching process.
  6. It is equipped with a Universal wheel for easy transporting.

Electric Potato Chips Blanching Machine Operation Instruction

1. Connect power supply—three thick lines and one neutral line.
2. Set the water temperature to the level needed by the ensuing food processing. Usually, 90-95℃ is required by potato slices and strips.
3. Inject water into the machine with 50% of the total volume.
4. Turn on the power switch.
5. When the water is heated to the required temperature, put the stripped or sliced potato into the material basket, and the blanching is started.

Potato Chips Blancher Machine Maintenance

1. Drain the water every time after the operation is finished by the drain valve of the machine.
2. Inject clean water before the next operation so as to maintain the cleanness of the heating pipe and the inside of the machine.


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