Model Capacity Power Dimension Weight
TP-10 300Kg/h 220V; 0.55Kw 600*430*800mm 70Kg
TP-15 500Kg/h 380V; 0.75Kw 700*530*900mm 85Kg
TP-30 800Kg/h 380V; 1.1Kw 700*650*850mm 100Kg

This emery potato washing peeling machine is specially designed for washing and peeling potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, taros, and other kinds of root vegetables and fruit, which adopts emery grinding principle. It can wash and peel the potatoes into nice appearance and suitable cutting potatoes without peel, and then you can deeply process it into potato chips, potato strips, potato mash and potato flake. It mainly be used in small potato chips line or small french fries line.

Emery Potato Washing and Peeling Machine Features

1. Adopts emery grinding technology to wash and peel potatoes
2. Innovative style and stainless material structure made it popular in the market by the customer
3. Superior quality emery will achieve high washing and peeling rate and lower breakage rate.

4. Easy to operate and convenient maintenance will give you a cost-effective investment.
5. Customized capacity and model will meet your various requirements and satisfactory.

small capacity potato peeling machine

Installation of Emery Potato Washing and Peeling Machine

1. Please keep the balance of the food machine before you use it
2. Check that whether the fixed parts are loose or not when the machine is working, especially the screw of the plate.
3. Check that whether the power wire is good or not .the switch is perfect or not, the bowl has strange things or not. And whether the power voltage reaches the requirement or not.

The Procedure of Potato Washing and Peeling Machine

1. Soak the potatoes in water for two to five minutes.
2. Put the soaked potatoes into the grinding barrel.
3. Start power and connect the water injecting pipe and tap.
4. The grinding plate will be rotated driving by the grinding axletree.
5. The potatoes on the rotary grinding plate will be flip and ground by the grinding barrel.
6. The grinding barrel coated emery will wash and peel the potatoes in two minutes.
7. Start off the powder and discharge the potatoes washed and peeled from the discharge hole.

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