chips fries blast freezer machine
  • This Freezer is to freeze the french fries in -30~-35℃

  • Feeding temperature:+20℃,output temperature:-18℃

  • French Fries Freezing time: 30-50min/batch

  • This French Fries Freezer is with trolleys, easy to load and discharge

Model SD-100 SD-200 SD-300 SD-400 SD-500
Total Power 3kw 5kw 8kw 10kw 12kw
Tray qty 40pcs 80pcs 120pcs 160pcs 200pcs
Trolley qty 3 sets 5 sets 8sets 10 sets 12 sets
Power consumption 7.5kw to -35 C degree 7.5kw to -35 C degree 7.5kw to -35 C degree 7.5kw to -35 C degree  7.5kw to -35 C degree
Weight 500 kg 700 kg 1000 kg 1350 kg 1900 kg
Dimension 2000×1900×2100mm 2500×1900×2100m 3000×1900×2100mm 3500×1900×2100mm 5000×1900×2100mm

This Cabinet Type French Fries Freezing Machine is designed for refrigerating French fries and snack food to keep the original taste and prevent bacteria growth. It is an economical choice for small and medium scale frozen french fries plant

 Cabinet Type Instant French Fries Freezer Features

1. This french fries freezer can make fast freezing, ice crystals are lesser, low consumption.
2. Use environmental protection low-temperature refrigerants, temperature can drop to minus 35C.
3. No need to make installation, can use immediately after connecting the power.

Instant French Fries Freezer Applications

  1. This Cabinet Type Instant Freezer is suitable for french fries, snack chips, and other instant-frozen food. We can supply customized models to meet your customized needs.
  2. The Instant Freezer is widely applied in small frozen french fries plant.
wide application of Quick Freezer
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