Model Capacity Power Temperature Freeze Time Belt Width Size
SSD-100 100kg/h 20P Feed-in temperature: < 15℃
Discharge temperature: -18℃
7-35 minutes
1.0 m 8*2.2*2.4m
SSD-200 200kg/h 20P*2 1.2 m 10*2.2*2.4m
SSD-300 300kg/h 30P*2 1.5 m 11*2.2*2.4m
SSD-400 400kg/h 30P*2 1.5 m 11.5*2.2*2.4m
SSD-500 500kg/h 50P 1.5 m 11.5*2.2*2.4m
SSD-1000 1000kg/h 50P*3 1.5 m 11.5*2.2*2.4m
SSD-2000 2000kg/h 50P*4 1.5 m 11.5*2.2*2.4m

Introduction of IQF Tunnel French Fries Freezing Machine

Our Continuous Tunnel French Fries Freezer are specialized IQF Freezers that are capable of continuous freezing large quantities of products in short periods of time while ensuring that the products are frozen without causing any clumps from developing or having the product stick together. This french fries freezer is made of SUS304 stainless steel. French Fries are frozen on a continuous running mesh belt in the freezer, very stable and efficient. It is a necessary equipment in large scale frozen french fries production line. We also supply Cabinet Type French Fries Freezer for small scale frozen french fries plant

Applications of Instant Tunnel Freezer

The instant tunnel freezer can freeze french fries, kinds of fruit & vegetables, meat, seafood, beans, chicken paw, chicken wing, steamed buns, dumplings, green peas, mushroom, broccoli, carrots, corn, strawberry, tomatoes (slices or cubes), etc. It is widely apply to food processing industry

application of IQF freezing machine

Features of IQF Frozen French Fries Freezer

1. Raw material

The tunnel french fries freezer is made of SUS304 stainless steel, according to the HACCP requirements to design and produce, in line with international food health standards.

2. Special cold storage door

Cold storage door adopts special cold storage door, low-temperature resistance, aging resistance, oil resistance seal strip seal, seal tight.

3. Inside of the french fries freezing machine

A) Quick-frozen area frame structure, inner bracket, Air Duct Plate, Mesh Belt, large connecting plate, guide rail, and other parts are made of food-grade 304 drawings stainless steel (except motor and reducer); outer bracket is made of 201 stainless steel;
B) Under Mesh Belt and guide rail slide contact friction parts are all made of ultra-high polymer polyethylene material;
C) For convenient drainage to extend the service life of the reservoir, the direction of the drainage mouth in the reservoir big-water plate has a certain slope; d belt camshaft device using stainless steel shaft plus ultra-high Polymer Cam, chain drive, frequency control speed.

4. Driving motor

Siemens double-speed reducer with high quality and stable operation.

5.Evaporator and Fan

a) Made of all aluminum anti-rust Aluminum Alloy evaporator, large fins, variable pitch, flanging high, ensure good heat transfer effect, easy cleaning; evaporator Shell is made of stainless steel;
b) With a high-power and large air volume centrifugal fan, the motor shell is made of stainless steel. Low temperature, moisture and waterproof motor, high efficiency, low energy-saving noise, smooth operation.

6. In and out of the freezer

The boards of In and out of the freezer are made of food-grade 304 wire-drawing stainless steel, to ensure the safety and hygiene of the food produced.

7.Electric Control Part

A) Stainless steel 304 electric control box, waterproof and dustproof, electric components are French Schneider brand, stable quality, reliable performance, digital display temperature, easy to operate and control.
B)Mesh Belt Operation Speed control using German Siemens inverter control, frozen time can be adjusted arbitrarily.

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