deoiling machine
Model Dimension Weight Power Capacity
TY-400 1000*500*700mm 360kg 1.1kw 300kg/h
TY-500 1100*600*750mm 380kg 1.5kw 400kg/h
TY-600 1200*700*750mm 420kg 2.2kw 500kg/h
TY-800 1400*900*800mm 480kg 3kw 700kg/h

Potato Chips Deoiling Machine Introduction

This Small Potato chips de-oiling machine is mainly used to dry the oil off the surface of potato chips so that the potato chips looks and tastes better, become easier to be packed and saves cooking oil, such as potato chips, banana chips, and puffed food, and adopts centrifugal principle to make potatoes bright color, crisp flavor. They are fully-closed and special typed machines with digital input control, automatic electromagnetic brake, heavy base, shock absorber, self-center marker, frequency and speed control and movable whirling bucket. it is an economic choice for small scale potato chips line and french fries line. We can customize the product to your requirement.

Small Potato Chips Deoiling Machine Features

1. Adopt advanced and suitable centrifugal principle technology to guarantee maximum de-oiling.
2. Equip the shock absorber in order to stable and balance performance requirement during the process of de-oiling.
3. Install the digital control system, which can meet continues uninterrupted work and high efficiency.
4. The electromagnetic brake will give you an energy-saving and labor-saving work environment.
5. The stainless steel material can give you a long service life and reduce maintenance cost.

Potato Chips Deoiling Machine Application

Potato chips de-oiling machine can be widely used to de-oil potato chips, banana chips, French fries, potato strips, puffed food, snack food and other various kinds of fried food.


Potato Chips De-oiling Machine Operation

1. Connect the power and voltage, 50 HZ and 220 V. The voltage could be customized.
2. Set the numerical value, the frequency and speed controller is between 90S -120S, the delay controller is 3S – 5S.
3. Put the potato chips into the whirling bucket, open the start button and close the cover, and then the de-oiling machine will work continuously.
4. During de-oiling, if you find the whirling bucket rotate unsteady, please check the around screw button.
5. After de-oiling, please eliminate the residues and maintain the machine.

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