potato chips dewatering machine
Model Dimension Weight Power Capacity
TS-400 1000*500*700mm 360kg 1.1kw 300kg/h
TS-500 1100*600*750mm 380kg 1.5kw 400kg/h
TS-600 1200*700*750mm 420kg 2.2kw 500kg/h
TS-800 1400*900*800mm 480kg 3kw 700kg/h

Small Potato Chips Dewatering Machine Introduction

This Small Potato chips dewatering machine adopts centrifugal principle to effectively remove the surface water of potato strips and slices before frying in the potato chips production line, with no damage to the potato and its inner nutrient. By using this machine, we can reduce the time of frying and make the chips and crisps more delicious. With a shock absorber installed, the machine won’t shake during operation. The heavy base also reduces the possibility of shaking and lowers the barycenter to make it more stable.

Centrifugal Centrifugal Potato Chips Dewatering Machine Features

♥ Main parts are made of high-quality stainless steel, sturdy and durable.
♥ Smooth operation without shaking, less damage to the machine and largely strengthen the safety of the operator.
♥ Automatic digital control, high flexibility.
♥ Frequency and speed control. The time and speed can be adjusted.
♥ Automatic electromagnetic brake, good brake performance.
♥ Low noise, easy operation.
♥ Fast speed and high efficiency, no damage to the potato chips and strips.

fries dewatering process of chips dehydrator machine

Centrifugal Potato Chips Dewatering Machine Composition

This potato chips dewatering machine is composed of an electric motor, motor wheel, shock absorber, movable whirling bucket, water outlet, belt roller, electromagnetic brake, and tails, etc.
There are two-time relays on the board of the dewatering machine. One relay controls the operating time, the figures are commonly freely set between the 90s and 120s. The other is delay brake control, i.e. the time from power off till braking, normally between 3s and 5s.

Potato Chips Drying Machine Maintenance

1. Each time after the operation finishes, clean the impurities inside the outer bucket and check whether the screws are loose. If the whirling bucket is unstable or shakes vigorously during operation, check whether the fixed bolt is broken.
2. If the food or vegetable still has water after dewatering, then the figure for operation time is too small. Turn off the power switch and reset the figure.
3. If the bucket whirls less powerfully, turn off the switch immediately, check and repair the power supply and adjust the V-belt.
4. If the brake fails to work, the time relay or brake may be damaged. Change it in time.


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