Type Model Dimension Weight Power Capacity
Electric Heating FDYZ-500 700*700*950mm 70kg 12kw 50kg/h
FDYZ-1000 1200*700*950mm 100kg 24kw 100kg/h
FDYZ-1500 1700*700*950mm 160kg 36kw 150kg/h
FDYZ-2000 2200*700*950mm 180kg 42kw 200kg/h
Gas Heating FQYZ-1000 1500*800*1000mm 320kg 100,000Kcal 100kg/h
FQYZ-1500 1900*800*1000mm 400kg 150,000Kcal 150kg/h

Introduction of Basket Type Potato Chips Frying Machine

This potato chips frying machine adopts the oil-water mixed technology, is designed to fry various product such as potato chips, peanuts, broad beans, etc. It can fry kinds of products at the same time, and there is no taste mixture between each other, convenient and quick, safe and healthy. Our potato chips frying machine enjoys great popularity in medium and small food processing enterprises. Our electric fryer can save 50% oil and 40% of electricity. Gas type potato chips frying machines are available too.

electric basket frying machine
gas potato chips frying machine

Basket Type Potato Chips Frying Machine Features

  1. It is equipped with an automatic temperature controller to set the temperature from normal temperature to 300 C degree.
  2. It is made of 304 stainless steel.
  3. It adopts an Oil-water separation filter system. The water is used for the collection of waste. It has an observation window to check the water and oil level.
  4. It can be electric heating or gas heating.
  5. It is equipped with a Universal wheel for easy transporting.

Basket Type Potato Chips Frying Machine Application

1. For the electrical potato chips fryer, the small manual discharging type is suitable for the small-scale chips production line, small food shops, refectories, and restaurants.
2. While the large Mesh Belt Continuous Potato Chips Frying Machine is suitable for plants that require mass production of fried food.
3. The voltage can be customized according to different needs.

small potato chips making machines unit

Gas Frying Machine Video

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