potato cutting machine for chips production
Model QPT600
Capacity 600kg/h
Power 1.1 kW
Weight 110kg
Overall Dimensions 950*800*950mm

French Fries Cutting Machine Introduction

A French fries cutting machine is used for cutting potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other root vegetables into strips, chips, and crinkle type. You can cut the shapes you want by installing the relative blades. The thickness of the strips and chips can be adjusted freely by increasing or decreasing the spacers of the knives. The strips and chips are smooth and uniform with no breakage.

Features of French Fries Cutting Machine

1. Novel design, smooth and beautiful appearance, exquisite workmanship.
2. Compact structure, small occupation area, easy to move.
3. High-quality stainless steel, sturdy and durable, clean, and hygienic.
4. Good performance, low energy consumption.
5. Largely reduce labor intensity, time-saving, high efficiency, and high output.
6. Easy cleaning and maintenance.
7. Adopt centrifugal working principle, low vibration, and long service life.

Wide Application of French Fries Cutting Machine

This French Fries cutting machine has wide applications. It suitable for cutting potatoes, sweet potato, various taros, radish, carrot, and other root vegetables. It is also an ideal equipment for frozen french fries manufacturing facility, pickle factories, restaurants, dining halls, and snack food factories.


Maintenance of French Fries Cutting Machine

1. After the machine is used for a period, if it whirls less rapidly or less powerfully, check and adjust the tightness of the V-belt.
2. Each time after it finishes operating, clean the knives daub them with edible oil, and clean up the waste residue in the whirling bucket.
3. Clean the waste residue discharging slot in time.
4. Check and see if the knives are tight and fasten the screws regularly.

How to Adjust the Size of Potato Chips & Fries?

1. The strip-cutting knives are fixed in a stainless steel box, with a fastening bolt installed on one end. The size of the strips is determined by spacers between the blades. To adjust the size, first, loosen up the bolt, increase or decrease the spacers to the width you need, and then tighten the bolt.
2. The thickness of the chips is determined by the spacers underneath the blades. Decrease the spacers behind (on-front; under-behind) the blades if you want thicker slices; increase the spacers in front of the blades if you want thinner ones. 

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