Model QS-400
Dimension 650*510*700mm
Weight 60kg
Power 0.75kw
Capacity 200kg/h

Introduction of Small Potato Slicing Machine

This potato slicing machine is made of stainless steel, no rust, and easy to clean. It is mainly used for cutting potatoes into slices or strips in the small potato chips manufacturing factory. The cutting size can be adjusted.

semi-automatic potato chips production line
potato chips and fries cut by this small potato cutter machine

Features of Electric Potato Chips Slicer

  1. This machine is used to cut potatoes into potato chips or french fries
  2. The cutting thickness can be adjusted by changing the blade.
  3. The standard cutting size is 7*7mm, other sizes can be customized.
  4. High working efficiency, and stable performance.
  5. Potato chips/sticks are of uniform and even shape and size, with no damage.
  6. Potato cutting shape can be slices, sticks, chips, etc

Application of Potato Slicer Machine

The raw material can be fresh potatoes, also can be some other root vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, purple sweet potato, taro, cassava, etc. It is an affordable potato slicing machine for small scale potato chips production.

potato slicer for slicing yam
sweet potato cut by electric potato cutter
beet slices cut by potato slicing machine
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