Model EW-320
Voltage 220v, 50 Hz
Power 2 kW
Bag making size (L) 50-200mm* (W) 50-150mm
Packing speed 10-50 bags/min
Max film width 320mm
Dimension 2040*750*1640mm
Weight 280kg
Materials Food contacting parts are made of stainless steel 304, the frame is made of painted carbon steel.

Introduction of Small Vertical Type Potato Chips Packing Machine

This small vertical potato chips packaging machine can pack the potato chips bananer chips and french fries with film rolls, with chain-buckets to fill the chips into bags. It can make a bag, fill nitrogen gas, pack, cut, count and print automatically. The machine body is made of carbon steel and stainless steel. At the behind of the machine, there is equipped with a chain hopper and can pack kinds of irregular shape objects into one bag. It is an affordable choice for small potato chips line, french fries line and banana chips line . For large scale potato chips produciton, our automatic potato chips packing machine is the best choice.

Application of Vertical Granule Filling Packing Machine

It’s suitable for irregularly shaped objects and granule materials such as potato chips, banana chips, puffed food, green beans, corn grits, mung beans, chicken essence, matrimony vine, dried grape, popcorn, peanuts, salt, sugar as well as fish ball, shrimp pill, dry mushrooms, small hard wares, etc.

packed granule snacks

Features of The Potato Chips Packing Machine with Nitrogen

1) Pack the chips with film rolls, with chain-buckets to put the chips.
2) Can fill nitrogen gas into the bags, with a date printer.
3) The Packing Machine is with one bag former for one film width, if you have different film width, we need to customize suitable bag formers.

application of Plantain chips packaging machine
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