Model VD-300 VD-500
Dimension(mm) 1600*1300*850 1800*1300*850
Weight(kg) 200 230
Power(kw) 0.5 0.5
Capacity(kg/h)  300  400

Vibration Dewatering Deoiling Machine Introduction

The vibration dewatering deoiling machine, can be also called a linear vibration sieve machine, is the advanced dehydration equipment, which is made of stainless steel 304. It can remove the extra water of potato chips by high-frequency vibration after blanching, its bottom is with a water discharging plate. This vibrating dewatering screen is specially designed for processing fragile materials such as potato chips and has a wide range of applications. It is a must have equipment in automatic potato chips plant and large french fries production line.

Features of Vibration Dewatering Deoiling Machine

  1. Materials: stainless steel 304, frame 4mm, square tubes 100*50*3mm, sieve plate 3mm, holes 5mm, motor base 6mm.
  2. Innovative design, easy installation, and convenient operation.
  3. Low energy consumption, large capacity, high efficiency, and screening precision.

Working Principle for Vibration Dewatering Deoiling Machine

The raw material enters into the machine feeding part, they will move forward by vibration force generated by the vibration eccentric device. During the moving process with the vibration, most water droplets of the surface can be removed. Then the raw materials enter into the following air drying line.

Application of Vibration Dewatering Deoiling Machine

  1. Except for dewatering potato chips and french fries, the vibration dewatering machine can also be used in other vegetables and fruits process lines. And it can also be used to deoiling fried products.
  2. The vibration dewatering machine is are widely used in school canteens, large and medium-sized restaurants, potato chips processing plants, and other food processing industries.
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