Model TDCFD-660 TDCFD-1000
Power 0.75 kw 0.75 kw
Voltage 220V, 50hz, single phases or as per your local voltage.
Capacity 130-660 kg/h 200-1000 kg/h
Slicing thickness 1-10 mm 1-15 mm
Segment size 1-23 mm 1-30 mm
Weight 120 kg 220 kg
Dimension 880*430*780 mm 1300*610*1060 mm

Introduction of Wave Chips Cutting Machine

The wave chips cutting machine is a kind of multifunctional vegetable cutting machine. This stainless steel wavy potato chips & fries cutter can not only cut potatoes into wave chips, flat chips, crinkle french fries, and strips but also can cut all kinds of vegetables and fruits into cubes, chops, strips, and chips.

Potato Cutting Solutions by this multifunctional wavy chips cutting machine

Features of Multifunctional Potato Cutting Machine

  1. This Multifunctional chips cutting machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, up to the standard of food sanitation, and easy to clean.
  2. High work efficiency, simple and easy to operate, and thickness is uniform.
  3. Convenient to maintain, well adjusted, is ideal vegetable processing equipment.
  4. This Chips cutting machine can cut vegetables into different nice shapes: dice, slice, diamond, and curve.
  5. The centrifugal section is used for hard vegetables. It can adjust itself within limits automatically. The vertical knife can cut soft leafy vegetables or the cutting-off pieces into different specifications of the block, dice, the diamond, and various shapes. Because vertical knife simulates manual cutting principle, the processed surface is smooth; the shape is regular; the cutting-off vegetables are fresh and its organization is in nice condition.

Application of Multipurpose Wavy Chips Cutting Machine

  1. This potato chips cutting machine can quickly cut potatoes into wavy potato chips and flat potato chips.
  2. This multifunctional chips cutter machine is suitable for all kinds of root vegetables, stem vegetables, leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, celery, leek, spinach, shallot, cucumber, carrot, radish, potato, sea-tangle, bean products, etc.
  3. This chips cutting machine can cut vegetables into different nice shapes: dice, slice, diamond, and curve.
  4. It is the most ideal equipment for potato chips plant, fruit and vegetable processing factory, frozen food processing factory, leisure food processing factory, brewery, western-style food shop, etc.
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