Potato is a cool-season vegetable and one of the most important staple crops in our diet. They are versatile and nutritious, and easy to buy from supermarket and greengrocer. But can you eat sprouted potatoes?

Why Do Potatoes Sprout?

There are many sunken in potatoes, which is the bud eyes. During the storage of potatoes, if the time is long and the temperature is high, or the potatoes are exposed to sunlight, they will begin to sprout, breaking down the stock material to translate into nutrition for improving sprouting. That’s why the potatoes begin to shrivel.

Can You Eat Sprouted Potatoes?

why do potatoes sproutDuring translating process of the stock material in the potatoes, a kind of bitterly toxic alkaloid called solanine will form, which will bring about poisoning symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and diarrhea. If serious, it will give rise to heart and respiratory paralysis, and thereby leading to the death of people.
Shrunken and wrinkled potato should be discarded totally, while the firm sprouted potato is safe to eat once the potato roots have been removed.

How to Keep Potatoes From Sprouting?

1. Kitchen Storage

At room temperature, the potatoes will be at their best for one week or so. For longer time storage, keep the temperature between 7.2 and 10 degrees C (45 and 50 degrees F), then the potatoes will stay fresh for several weeks. Keep in mind that the potatoes should be stored in a cool and humid environment with good air circulation. Meanwhile, do not store potatoes in the refrigerator, which will change the taste of the potato as the starch will convert into sugar.

potatoes storage

2. Long-term storage

For the long-term storage, make sure the temperature is between 7.2 and 10 degrees C (45 and 50 degrees F), and keep the potatoes in a dark and humid environment with good air circulation. Clean off the dirt clinging to the potatoes by hands, prohibiting washing them before storage. Meanwhile, don’t store the potatoes near the fruit, as the fruit will give off ethylene, which encourages sprouting of potatoes. You can lay the potatoes between the waste newspaper to avoid rot spread to others, and also can prevent the potatoes from light exposure.
If you have a lot of potatoes, you can process them into potato chips by our potato chips machines to extend the storage time.

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