Why Oil Fried Potato Chips Need Deoiling?

Oil-fried potato chips contain 39% oil as much, while 60% of their calories are from oil. Studies have shown that most of the oil is confined to the surface region of the fried potatoes. A high oil content often makes the chips greasy or oily, so that you lose the interest to even have one bite. High oil means high fat. A high-fat diet can result in obesity, as well as the cardiovascular disease since fats are a major source of energy. So the oil content of potato chip become a major factor that decides whether your customer accept it or not. For customer preferences, you have to give up the extra oil, while the oil is not cheap.

Potato Chips Deoiling Machine-Centrifugal Machine


Potato Chips Deoiling Machine is such a machine that could dry the surface oil off the potato chips. It adopts centrifugal principle to guarantee maximum deoiling. The potato chips after deoiling are bright in color and crispy in taste. Crispy is every chips lover’s dream, right? Furthermore, people can recycle the collected oil to reduce oil waste. There are many cooking oil collectors. You just need to find their phone number and start a call. Then your waste oil will be through hauling away for making environment-friendly biofuel to generate electricity and heat.

Reasons for Choosing Centrifugal Machine to Remove Oil in Potato Chips

The centrifugal machine has a wide application.A well-known instance is washing machine, a common appliance which plays an important role in our daily life. The potato chips deoiling machine is just like that. Vibration is a common problem that occurs during the operation of the centrifugal machine. It can be caused by the unqualified machine, different material quality, and improper operation. Such reasons result in the mass eccentricity of the rotating member, and centrifugal eccentric force is produced on the machine, so that vibration takes place. When the vibration is passing on the base, the base, as well as the conterminal instruments, equipment, and buildings, will vibrate. Severe vibration can lead to accidents.
Among all kinds of reasons are material eccentricity and loose base. Our machine adopts self-center marker with a heavy base, what’s more, it has a shock absorber, effectively avoiding the possibility of vibration and ensuring a stable performance, so that the machine has a long service life and the operator has a safe working environment.

Centrifugal Machine to De-oil Other Fried Food

Other than potato chips, the de-oiling machine is also suitable for deoiling banana chips, French fries, puffed food, snack food and other various kinds of fried food. So why not buy one right away?

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