Yummy Potato Chips: a Nice Choice of Leisure Food

Potato chips are a kind of leisure food which is popular all over the world and deeply welcomed by consumers. We supply potato chips production line with customized output, stable running, good performance and simple operation.

yummy potato chips  potato washing peeling machine  potato chips making machines  potato slicing thickness
Small-scale fried potato chips, made by our potato chips line, more delicious and more happiness!
Potato washing and peeling machine–wash,peel the potatoes quickly!  Potato chips–a kind of delicious snack produced by chips making machines!  The thickness of the potato chips is adjustable by using our potato chips cutting machine.
 waved potato chips  chips dewatering potato chips frying  potato chips deoiling
Potato chips or waved potato chips? Just change the different knives! Potato Chips dewatering, in order to fry the chips to taste more better! Potato chips frying is an important step, we supply advanced oil-water mixed frying machine! Potato chips de-oiling: totally remove the surface oil of potato chips!
potato chips flavoring  potato chips packaging machine  customer-made chips machine  potato strips sizes
Also, we produce various potato chips flavoring machines for you can choose! What’s more, potato chips packaging machine can complete the process of weighing, printing date, sealing, etc. automatically! In conclusion,  Potato chips production line is customer-made according to your requirements, welcome to order!  Finally, potato chips production line has capacity like 100kg/h and 200kg/h and 400kg/h. In addition, the larger capacity like 350-400kg/h and 600-700kg/h and 1000kg/h-1200kg/h is available, too.
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