It is generally known that people in different countries have different eating habits, the same is true with potato chips flavors.

Canadian Chip Flavors

In 2012, potato chips market in Canada had total revenues of $1,292.1 million. It is predicted that Canada potato chips market will have a value of $1,716.3 million in 2017. Potato chips seasonings in Canada include dill pickle, ketchup, barbecue, salt and vinegar, and sour cream and onion. There are also some unusual flavors which include Greek Feta and Olive, Ballpark Hot Dog, and Barbeque Baby Back Ribs.

Japanese Potato Chip Flavors

Potato chips are Japan’s most popular snacks. People like to eat it for various reasons, for example, some people think salt and potatoes are a perfect match, some like to eat for its flavors. There are also some unusual flavors in Japan, such as fish roe, soybean, roast mushroom, and cherry blossom. The main manufacturers in Japan include Calbee, Koikeya, and Yamayoshi.

Ireland Potato Chips

Tayto is a major crisps manufacturer in Ireland, founded by Joe Murphy in 1954. Tayto invented the first Cheese & Onion flavored crisps. In Ireland, the name Tayto is sometimes used as a synonymous with crisps. Flavors of Tayto include cheese and onion, salt & vinegar, smoky bacon, prawn cocktail, etc. Walkers, Hunky Dory and King crisps are other crisps brands in Ireland.

Potato Chips in England

The most favorite snacks in England is also potato chips. There are many kinds of potato chips in England. The potato chips brands in England include Pipers, Burts, Tyrrells, Kettle, Walkers, Pringle, Monster Munch and so on. Each flavor of Pipers had won the Gold Great Taste Award. The main features of Burts are hand cooking. Burts has some special flavors, such as firecracker lobster, pesto, sea salts & crushed peppercorn. Walkers have the maximum flavors, such as roasted chicken, sour cream, ready salted, cheese & onion and many others. In a word, every flavor has its own specialties.
When you go abroad don’t feel surprised by the chips brands and varieties, even some flavors which you feel strange. And if you want to start a potato chips business and make your own characteristics, you can try potato chips production line.

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