Potato-based dishes are common in family dinners. For many dishes, the skin has to come off, and you may also don’t like to have the peel on, although it is full of nutrients and is delicious too.
Peeling a potato can be a really fast work. With a hand peeler in one hand, you can hold the scrubbed potato in the other, slant the potato skin peeler downward and slowly peel the skin off. Then turn the potato around and peel the other side.
Hand peelers work fine for the small jobs. But how about when you have to peel a lot of potatoes? All that peeling will actually be painful work. Here we give you some tips. With these tips in mind, you will find peeling potato is no longer your burden.

1. Peel Cooked Potatoes

Most potato salad recipes call for peeled boiled potatoes. The following way is based on one of the time-saving tips on YouTube.

peeling potatoes

Wash all the potatoes clean. Make a shallow cut all the way around through the skin with a paring knife, so that the peel separates when finished. At the same time bring a pot of water to boil. Put the potatoes into the boiling water. Boil for 15 minutes until they are soft inside and pour off the hot water. You can check with a fork. Bigger potatoes might take longer time. Pour the hot potatoes into a large bowl with ice water, leave them there for 10 seconds.The cold water causes the hot potato to instantly contract and separate from the skin. Pick up a potato, with a quick twist the peels will easily fall off. Remember that when you do the final step, the potatoes are only cool to the touch and the inside remains steaming hot, so wear a pair of rubber gloves so that you won’t burn your hands.

The following two tips are especially excellent for potato processing industries including potato chips production lines. For potato chips maker, invest in the washing and peeling machine is a good choice.

peeled potatoes2. Peel with an

This machine can wash and peel the potato at the same time. It adopts emery grinding principle to fulfill the cleaning work. The grinding plate is rotated driving by the grinding axletree. And the potatoes on the rotary grinding plate will be flip and ground by the grinding barrel which is coated with emery. The capacity is from 80 to 800kg per hour.

3. Peel with a Brush Washing and Peeling Machine

This machine can also wash and peel the potato at the same time. Adopt the brush friction principle, the driven motors propel the rotation of the spiral roller to clean and peel the potatoes automatically. The potatoes keep their integrality and smoothness. It can process potatoes with the capacity of 800-5000kg per hour.

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