Potato chips have been enjoying great popularity all over the world for many years. Many flavors of potato chips are served to meet requirements of different people. It would be an interesting thing to know the evolution of potato chips flavors.

The Appearance of Potato Chips

There is no definite statement about the invention of potato chips. But many people believe it is the chef George Crum that created the potato chips when annoyed at a customer in 1853. Unexpectedly, the potato chips were praised by the customer.

The Invention of Flavoring Methods

evolution of potato chips flavors

Potato chips did not have flavors until the owner of Tayto company invented the method of adding flavors into it in the 1950s. Before that, as they had no flavor their charm had reduced, and the appearance of flavoring methods relieved this situation. Even though Tayto was a small company, the owner kept trying. After trial and errors, he finally invented the world’s first batch of potato chips with seasoning. It only had two flavors at that time, “cheese & onion” and “salt & vinegar”. At first, the salt was packed in another sealed bag, then put in the potato chips package. The salt was added only when necessary.

The Popularity of Flavoring Methods

The small invention of Tayto company greatly changed the whole potato chips industry. The methods were widely spread, and potato chips manufacturers worldwide applied this method in their production process. They added natural or artificial seasoning into potato chips and achieved great success. The industry only occupied small market share before that, but since the appearance of flavoring methods, the market share was greatly enlarged.

Diversified Flavors

potato chips flavoursRight now, with the automatic flavoring machine, potato chips have many more flavors that enjoyed great popularity around the world. Such flavors include cheese & bacon flavors, Italian ketchup sauce, French pork meat floss flavor, honey mustard, sour cream & onions, French onion dip, original and so on. There are also some strange flavors, such as Pringle’s “Dill Pickle”, “Grand Canyon”, Walkers “Chilli & Chocolate” and Lays’s “Hot & Sour Fish Soup Flavor”. We believe there may be more flavors in the future.


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