Potato chips are made through modern potato chips machine using mature flavoring technology. According to its making method, they can be classified into following types: fried potato chips, baked potato chips, and compound potato chips.

Fried Potato Chips

Fries potato chips use potatoes as raw materials. The potato chips making procedures are washing and peeling, slicing, blanching and dehydration, frying, de-oiling, flavoring, and packaging. This kind of potato chips is much crisper.


Baked Potato Chips

Baked potato chips are also made of potatoes. The production procedures of baked potato chips are washing and peeling, slicing, blanching and dehydration, baking, flavoring, and packing. Baked chips are not as crispy as fried ones. They usually have fewer calories and lower fat content than the fried version. But additional ingredients like sugar, cornstarch and soy lecithin are added which are often genetically modified, having been shown to cause tumors and kidney and liver damage in lab rats. Besides, most baked potato chips have more sodium than fried chips as manufacturers often try to use salt to increase the palatability replacing the flavor of fat.

compound_chipsCompound Potato Chips

Unlike fried and baked potato chips which are made from potatoes directly, compound potato chips use potato powder and other ingredients powder as raw material. The making processes of compound potato chips are washing and peeling, slicing, blanching, grinding, mixing, molding and shaping, frying, de-oiling, flavoring, and packing. In the molding and shaping process, the potato chips can be processed into various shapes, such as tile and triangle.
Each kind of potato chips has its own features. Fried potato chips are crisper and have strong potato scent. Baked potato chips have fewer calories and lower fat content. Compound potato chips have different shapes. Our potato chips production line can help you start fried potato chips business.

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