Nowadays people pay increasing attention to health issues when buying snacks. So it’s the same with potato chips. Many consumers just refer baked as healthy, as they think baked chips have lower fat and calories while fried chips are greasy. Is it right? Are baked potato chips more healthy? Before getting answers to these questions, let’s have a rough idea of how they’re produced.

Difference in Potato Chips Production Process

The fried potato chips production process are washing and peeling, slicing, blanching, dewatering, frying, de-oiling, flavoring, and packing. While the baked potato chips production process is washing and peeling, slicing, blanching and dehydration, baking, flavoring, and packaging. As you can see, the main difference lies in the potato chips frying process and baking process.

Are Baked Potato Chips More Healthy?

Let’s see a few points.

☆ Ingredients

Take Lay’s potato chips, for example, the ingredients of Lay’s fried chips are very simple: potatoes, vegetable oil, and salt, while the baked chips are dried potatoes, cornstarch, sugar, corn oil, salt, soy lecithin and corn sugar. Baked potato chips ingredients are much more than fried ones. Manufacturer add so many ingredients to make them become our favorite potato chips, some of the ingredients are likely to be genetically modified which have been shown to cause tumors, kidney and liver damage in lab rats.


☆ Calories Content

In the usual case, baked potato chips’ calories and fat content may be a little lower than fried potato chips. However, not all potato chips share this rule. It really depends on the brand. Lay’s original baked potato chips have 120 calories 1 oz, while Lay’s classic potato chips have 160 calories per oz.

☆ Sodium Content

In most cases, baked potato chips have more sodium than fried ones, because manufacturers try to use salt to replace the flavor of fat.
Anyway, when you consider the calories and fat content, you may want to choose baked potato chips. But when you consider the added ingredients and their damages, you may choose the fried one. Our potato chips production line includes the deoiling machine in it, thus can reduce the excessive oil effectively.

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