Compound potato chips are one type of chips beside the common fried potato chips and baked potato chips. Consumers may not be aware of the differences between fried potato chips and compound potato chips, but they do exist.


Raw Materials

The main difference between fried and compound chips is raw material. Fried potato chips use potatoes as the material, slice and then fry them into potato chips. While compound potato chips use potato powders and other ingredients powder as raw material, mix the powder with water, press and then make into chips.

Potato Chips Shapes

The shape of chips is decided by the raw materials in fact. Fried chips show round shapes because they are made of sliced potatoes, while as compound chips are made of powder, in the mold and shaping process chips can be shaped into the triangle, round or other types.


Potato Chips Production Methods

The fried potato chips production line is used to process crispy and yummy chips, this line can be fully automatic or semi-automatic. This potato chips line is composed of following machines:
1. Potato washing and peeling machine to wash and peel the skin of potatoes.
2. Potato slicing machine to slice potatoes into chips.
3. Potato Chips blanching machine to blanch potatoes for better color and taste.
4. PotatoChips de-watering machine to reduce water.
5. Potao Chips Frying machine to fry potato chips and make it crisper.
6. De-oiling machine to remove extra oil contained in chips.
7. Flavoring machine to make chips yummy.
8. Packing machine to pack chips in bags.
Compound chips have a similar process with fried chips from washing to blanching. Besides, it also contains the following machines:
1. Grinding machine to grind potatoes into powder.
2. Mixing machine to mix the powder with water.
3. Molding and shaping machine to shape potato powders into various shapes.
4. Frying machine, de-oiling machine, flavoring machine and packing machine have similar functions with fried chips.

Potato Chips Packaging

Fried potato chips are usually packed in bags for its non-uniform shapes. Compound chips mostly adopt drums or cans for the uniform shaped size.
There is no definite answer to which type tastes best, everyone has a personal taste preference.

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