History Facts about Chips

1. The earliest known use of the word “crisp” to refer to thin, fried potatoes appeared in 1929.
2. One of the earliest references to chips appeared in Charles Dickens’s book A Tale Of Two Cities where he refers to “Husky chips of potatoes”.
3. In 1895 William Tappenden built the world’s first potato chip factory in Cleveland, Ohio.

Potato Chip Facts in Various Countries

potato chip industry facts1. Potato chips are called “crisps” in Britain and when they call “chips” they mean fries. While Belgians call potato chips “Belgian fries”.
2. The British consume eight portions of fish and chips every second on average.
3. In the United Kingdom, 1 tonne of potatoes is made into chips every 19.7 seconds on average.
4. The total weight of potato chips that consumed in the UK is equal to about 14,000 blue whales or 4,000 jumbo jets every year.
5. The most popular flavor of potato chips in Greece is Oregano.
6. Potato chips are American’s favorite snack food. They consume the chips at a rate of 1.2 billion pounds a year.
7. Every year the American spends $6 billion on potato chips and potato chips company helps to solve 60,000 people’s employment problem.

Fun Facts about Potato Chips

1. Do you know the world’s largest portion of fish and chips? It was made by Fish and Chips Ltd. The fish weighed 46.75 kg and chips 23.5 kg.
2. In 2008, a museum in Vreden, German held the world’s largest collection of empty potato chips packets display which included 2,000 packets.
3. When watching television, crisps are the only thing that people like to eat more than chocolate.
4. According to statistics, 69 percent of children’s lunchboxes have crisps in them.

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