Potato Chips, called Potato Crisps in the UK, are very thin slices of potato that are fried until crispy, then seasoned. We can provide potato chips production line and all kinds of potato chips machines to make potato chips.


The similar names surrounding potato chips can make people extremely confused. In Great Britain, for example, the term “chips” is used to indicate potatoes which have been julienne cut and fried, while thin slices of crisp fried potatoes are called as crisps. In the United States, julienne cut fried potatoes are referred to as French fries, and other countries have their own special terms to substitute French fries and potato chips.

When and Who Invented Potato Chips

There is no definite statement about who invented the potato chips, and when. Many people believe it’s George Crum, a chef who created potato chips when annoyed at a customer in 1853. However, the method of letting thin slices of potatoes fried until crisp formed much earlier, with one method that could be dated back to 1824. It is also completely possible that some people made this food at home at an even earlier time. Potato chips took some time to enter the public view.



In general, potatoes are white, but Potato Chips shows a yellowy-brown color. That is because the sugar in them browns and combines with amino acids in the potato when frying. A Potato Chip that looks brown or burnt isn’t: very brown chips resulted from a rogue potato which had a higher level of sugar, or from a potato that is stored at a low temperature so that its starch transformed into sugar. When fried, the excess sugar browned more deeply. Electrical potato chips frying machine can help you make tastiest ones.


Crispiness is also very important for potato chips. The crisp sound comes from the fractures of potato cells. During the frying process, potato cells turn brittle and dry. So when the chip is bitten into, it will cause fractures. If chips get damp, the potato cells will become soften and lose their brittleness and crispiness. Potato chips packing machine can keep the chips fresh, protecting it against damp, mildew, rust, corrosion, moth and pollution.


Eating Habits

Some people treat potato chips as a snack food and like to eat them straight. Others may regard them as additional flavor and dip them in various substances, besides, potato chips can also be found in various kinds of recipes. Potato chips can be added to sandwiches, mashed up in casseroles, and crushed. It can also be used for breading on fried foods, or even stored in the fridge so that they can be eaten cold.


Nowadays, potato chips have become the most popular snack in the United States. According to the Snack Food Association, potato chips occupies 40% of snack food consumption, beating out pretzels and popcorn, so why not buy one potato chips production line?


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