Purpose of Blanching

Blanching potatoes have a number of benefits which helps to remove the skin, keeps them fresh and colorful, maintains color, remove starch from potatoes and preserve them for freezing. This means that the potatoes will not turn brown after they are cut. To maintain fresher looking and better-tasting potatoes, people consider blanching them before serving or freezing.

Instructions of Blanching Potatoes for Potato Chips

Fill a large pot with water and bring to a boil

boil the water
When you fill the water, one gallon of water per pound of potatoes is best suitable for you. If you want to improve the flavor of the potatoes, please add some tablespoons salts. When the water is heating, you should prepare some large bowls of ice water to be used later.

Wash the potatoeswash the potato

If you are blanching for peeling, place them beside the pot of boiling water. If you are blanching them for freezing, wait until the water has come to a boil before peeling and cutting them up. When cutting up the potatoes, cut them into equally sized pieces to ensure that the potatoes are cooked evenly.

boil the potatoPlace the potatoes into the boiling water

Don’t overfill the ban with potatoes, because it will low the temperature of the water to delay the cooking process. If you need large quantities of potatoes to be blanched, you should better blanch in portions. Set 3-5 minutes in timer for blanch time, as soon as you start to place the potatoes into the boiling water.

Remove the potatoes from the boiling water and put them in the bowl of ice water.

remove the potato in an ice bowl
This procedure is aimed at stopping the potatoes from cooking further, which can maintain to keep the fresh color. The time spending in boiling water is as same as the ice water.
pat the potato dry

Extract the potatoes from the ice water and place them on a towel or in a colander for drying.

The blanching will be over when you extract the potatoes from the ice water, and then you can cut potato slices& potato strips for frying the delicious potato chips or French fries.

Tips and Warnings of Blanching Potatoes

potato blanching
* The water must reach 180 F so as to ensure the enzyme to be broken down for the purpose of avoiding the potato slices or potato strips to turning drawn.
* In high altitude, the water boil temperature is lower; the blanching time will take up one minute longer than normal condition.
* Our high-quality potato blanching machine will give you a perfect blanching solution for potato chips or French fries by professional R&D engineer and stronger financial support.

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