identify_greasy_chip_2Although potato chips are very tasty, some varieties are not very healthy for us and can affect your weight gain. Typically, they contain too many calories and fat. So, before we choose the right potato chips, we should learn how to identify the greasy potato chips.

The Materials and Equipment You Need to Prepare

Clean table: used for placing the scale, paper, potato chips, etc.
Scale: used to weight the potato chips.
Wax paper: used to bear the potato chips on the scale and coat the potato chips for crushing into pieces.
Lab notebook: for the purpose of recording the experiment data.
Varieties of potato chips: to compare greasy in degree.

The Procedures for Identifying the Potato Chips

1. Prepare a piece of graph paper on the table.
2. Put the wax paper on the scale. And then open the first bag of potato chips which need to be identified, and place a handful (0.5 oz – 1.0 oz) on the scale to weight. Keep a record of the weight on the notebook for later comparison.
3. Mount the potato chips in the middle of the graph paper and press down them by a wax paper which should be the same size as the paper below.
4. Crush the potato chips into pieces.


5. Wait for one minute. Take off the wax paper and potato chips into the trash. Place the graph paper stained the greasy against the sun to see the greasy stain clearly.
6. Repeat above steps for three times to get more precision degree of the greasy of potato chips. Remember to use new graph paper and fresh wax paper, and meanwhile use the same weight of potato chips.
7. For the other varieties of potato chips, please adopt the same steps from 1 to 6. And at the same time record the stained area you obtain on the notebook.
8. In the end, compare the date of all varieties which you trailed to identify which one is much greasier.
From above-mentioned procedures, we can identify which variety of potato chips is much greasier to contain much calories and fat. And thereby we can avoid some unhealthy snacks. Our potato chips deoiling machine is designed to remove the extra surface oil of the potato chips to meet consumption needs for the healthy diet.

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