As we all know, potato chips are made of potatoes, so the quality of potato chips have close relation with potatoes. When storing potatoes, we may found potatoes going green, then why is that and what we can do to stop it from going green?

Why Potatoes Going Green?


As to this situation, first, we understand that it is not the green color that is the problem in fact. Greening happens when potatoes are exposed to light, indicating the formation of chlorophyll which has a green color. This process is safe having a direct association with market appearance. However, in potato tubers, the greening is a sign of the increase of glycoalkaloids, especially solanine. Glycoalkaloids are protective chemicals that the potato plant produce, making it lethal to insects, animals, and fungi which attack it. When exposed to light, glycoalkaloids in the tuber will have a dramatical increase. In some cases, this green coloration can reach a half-inch. Potato chips that made up of this potatoes will have a green edge.


Are Green Potatoes Safe for People?

Consuming a certain amount of solanine will cause illness or even death in large amount. We should be aware that solanine is toxic, and it can not be destroyed even by frying in hot oil. Eight to twelve hours after eating green potatoes can cause a wide range of symptoms, such as abdominal or stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, fever, low body temperature and so on. In some severe conditions, it may cause dilated pupils, vision changes, loss of sensation and paralysis. In the most serious case, it may cause death. Green potatoes are bad for pregnant women or women who are likely to become pregnant, because it may cause fetal damage or loss of the fetus.

How to Store Potatoes to Avoid Going Green?

First, don’t wash the potatoes before storage. Dirt remaining on potatoes will provide protection against exposure to light. It is turned out that washed potatoes can be more easily turning green. Then put potatoes in cool, dark place that is well ventilated.
Good storage can ensure high quality of potatoes. With potato chips production line you can make delicious and crisp potato chips.

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