Nowadays people are paying more and more attention to the fats and calories contained in potato chips. Decreasing the oil content while keeping the crispiness at the same time is the proper way to make low calories potato chips. Apart from frying, the dewatering process beforehand is also very important for making low calories potato chips.


Why is Dewatering Necessary for Making Potato Chips?

People have known that dewatering process is between blanching process and frying process, so we know it is very important. If potato chips contain too much water, then the surface of potato chips would blister when frying. The blister would affect the appearance of potato chips and increase frying time, thus increasing cost. It is proved that the less the water content before frying, the lower the oil content of potato chips. So by dewatering process, we can reduce oil content and frying time. In this way, the texture of potato chips could also be improved. Besides, dewatering can also maintain the initial color and nutrient of potato chips.

Working Principle of Potato Chips Dewatering Machine

Potato chips dewatering machine adopts centrifugal principle to remove the surface water of potato chips before frying, thus can reduce the frying time and make potato chips crispy and delicious. During the drying process, this machine has no damage to the potato and its inner nutrient. Potato chips dewatering machine is made up of an electric motor, motor wheel, shock absorber, movable whirling bucket, water outlet, belt roller, electromagnetic brake, and tails, etc. The shock absorber can ensure the machine won’t shake during operation. Besides the heavy base can also reduce the possibility of shaking and lower the barycenter, thus can make it more stable. This machine is the most advanced dehydrator for potato chips processing factory at the moment.


What’s the Benefit of Chips Dewatering Machine?

After dewatering, the potato chips being fried can be healthier. The oil content is lower. Besides the texture is good, and you can also enjoy the crispiness of potato chips. As we all know, potatoes are rich in vitamin C, magnesium, and zinc, which are beneficial for our body. During operation, the dewatering machine won’t destroy the nutrient contained in potato.
Potato chips dewatering machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, and it is sturdy and durable. This machine can be customized.

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