Frying is the most important procedure in the potato chips production line. The frying process determines the color, oil content and water content of potato chips.


Temperature Requirement in the Frying Process

Oil temperature that is too high or too low can neither reach the ideal result. If the oil temperature is too low, then the frying time will increase, making the water content of potato chips’ lost slowly, so oil content will increase. High oil temperature can reach crispy effect, but the too high temperature will accelerate steatolysis, then the fatty acids that produced will dissolve metal ion, thus making oil become rancid and then shorten its usage period. Besides, the too high temperature will seriously affect the color of potato chips. In view of such conditions, you can try our electric potato chips frying machine, of which the temperature of oil and water can be set and controlled in a certain range.

Theory of Electric Potato Chips Frying Machine

Our potato chips frying machine adopts the oil-water mixed technology, which is the most advanced technology in the international market. After mixing, oil and water will automatically be divided into two layers. The upper layer is oil, which is for frying potatoes. Water is located in the underlayer, which is used to receive waste residue and then clean it away.

Advantages of Electric Frying Machine


1. Electric potato chips frying machine adopts advanced machine configuration and control system, so it can always maintain good working condition.
2. Electric frying machine adopts the advanced oil-water mixed technology. It can filter automatically and keep the oil pure, not only improve the quality of the products but also prolong shelf life.
3. The function of automatic filtration can greatly prolong the oil’s working life. You don’t have to change oil frequently in the production process. It can save 50% oil.
4. Electric potato chips frying machine employs advanced and efficient heating system, which can help save energy and then save money.
5. The machine can fry many products at the same time. It can fry various products such as potato chips, peanuts, and broad beans simultaneously, and there is no taste mixture between each other.
We provide two types of potato chips frying machine. The small manual discharging type is suitable for small food shops, refectories, and restaurants. While the large automatic discharging type fits for quantity production companies.

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