Already familiar with potato chips brands in your hometown, you may find those in Australia slightly different. No matter which type you prefer, you will surely find one type that you like most in Australia.

Smiths Chips Australia

Smiths chips AustraliaSmith’s is Australia’s most-loved chip brand. In 1931, Mr. Frank Smith and his colleague George Ensor started making Smith’s Chips in Australia. The company uses top quality Aussie potatoes to make chips and the variety includes Smith’s crinkle cut, thinly cut and Maxx potato chips. They use high oleic sunflower and/or canola oil to cook their chips, this reduces their saturated fat content by 75% compared with 100% palmolein oil cooked chips. In addition to some usual chips flavor, there are also some unique flavors, such as chicken and Thai sweet chili.

Kettle Chips Australia

Kettle Chips AustraliaKettle use the best Australian potatoes to slow cook in sunflower oil and season them with the finest all natural ingredients. The flavors include sea salt, sea salt & vinegar, honey baked ham, and chili.

Thins Chips Australia

Thins Chips Australia Thins only offer a thinly sliced variety of crisp and was also the first company to provide this style of chips in Australia. The flavors of Thins include chicken, original, salt & vinegar, light & tangy and so on. This is a direct competitor to Smith’s crisps in Australia.

Samboy Chips Australia

Samboy Chips AustraliaSamboy is a crinkled potato chip. In the 1950s, Norm and Ed Meyer produced the Samboy Chips. The brand is known for its advertising taglines “The Flavour really hits you” in the 1980s and “Hit me with a Samboy chip” in the 1990s. Samboy only produced barbecue flavor in the original, but the flavors have gradually tended to diversified. Right now, you can buy original, BBQ, chicken, salt & vinegar, and a spicy flavor called “atomic tomato.”

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