Being one of the most popular snacks around the world, potato chips enjoyed enduring popularity since its appearance. Why is this? Partly because people like its crispy, maybe it’s also because of the cheap price and suitability for all ages. The reason could also be that the packing looks nice and easy to carry. But more importantly maybe that with advanced potato chips flavoring machine, now people can make many flavors to meet different people’s requirements. But do you know there also exist many strange flavors of potato chips?

Pringles “Dill Pickle”

Although cool cucumber flavor of potato chips have already existed, the “Dill Pickle” potato chips are not the same. This flavor is the originality of Pringles. Biting into this potato chips, you may feel strange and exotic. “Dill Pickle” adds extreme flavor for people.

Walkers “Chilli & Chocolate”

chips strange flavor

We have seen the combination of “Chilli & Chocolate” because people had used the combination in Aztecs period. But you may be surprised by this kind flavor of “Chilli & Chocolate”. These flavor of potato chips was made by Walkers. The mixture of sweet and spicy makes you feel surprised.

Lays’ “Hot & Sour Fish Soup Flavor”

People who like to eat fish can try this flavor of potato chips. Lays’s “Hot & Sour Fish Soup Flavor” makes you feel intense and stimulating.

Pringles “Grand Canyon”

Flavor of “Grand Canyon” is only sold in Japan. These flavor of Pringles potato chips is named after the canyon, thus making people confused. How about the taste? People cannot imagine what does it taste like by the name, it can only get known by yourself.
Above are just some examples of strange flavors of potato chips, certainly, there are some other strange flavors. For example, the flavor of Roast chicken & thyme, Bacon, Paprika, Olive, and Lime in Europe. Strange flavors of potato chips discovered in the UK include Prawn Cocktail, Firecracker Lobster, Flame-grilled Aberdeen Angus, Steak & Onion, Chicken Tikka Masala and so on. Weird flavors found in Asia include Unagi Kabayaki, Shichimi & soy sauce shrimp, Borscht, and many others.

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