Introduction of Automatic Compound Potato Chips Line

Automatic compound potato chips line is for producing potato chips by using potato powder or potato flour as raw material. The main advantage of compound potato chips line is high efficiency of raw material utilization due to its recycling system which can recycle the residual dough and reuse them. The finished compound potato chips have the uniform shape and rich aroma, and they can be packed in the paper tube or small bag. At present, the most popular compound potato chips are Pringles and Lays.

compound potato chips processing plant for making crisps from potato flour

package type of compound potato chips

Advantages of Compound Potato Chips Plant

  1. Full automatic PLC control system, all of the control elements adopt international well-known brand, high precision and reliability.
  2. Labor saving. The whole line is highly automatic, only 8 – 10 workers are needed to operate.
  3. Provide whole factory planning, personnel planning, product material analysis, and technological formulation.
  4. Many different flavors could be made by spraying differently flavored powder, such as tomato flavor, seaweed flavor, spicy flavor and so on.
  5. The standard capacity of this automatic compound potato chips line is 250 kg/hr, but we can customize the complete production line based on your need.

Main Processing Steps of Automatic Compound Potato Chips Line

Mixing→lifting→ dosing→ mixer→ lifting and spreading→ sheeting→ forming→ oil frying→ oil filtering→ spraying season→ cooling and collecting→ packaging

compound potato chips processing steps

Main Machines Details of 250kg/hr Compound Potato Chips Plant

dry mixer

The dry mixing machine is one of the important equipment in the automatic compound potato chips plant. It is used to mix the raw material.

Dimension 1080*1140*2350mm
Power 2.6 KWH
Weight 680KG
Machine Material Full Stainless steel 304
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Capacity 250 kg/hr

stirring mixer

Stirring mixer is for mixing raw materials by stirring.

Capacity 200-250 kg/hr
Power 12.5 kw
Dimension 2300*1460*3280 mm
Weight 1600 kg

wet mixer

Wet mixer is one of the important equipment of the compound potato chips production line. It can be used to mix the potato powder with water and to be ready for sheeting.

Dimension 2220mm*1390mm*1220mm
Power 11.75 KWH
Weight 1600KG
Machine Material  Full Stainless steel 304
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Capacity 250kg/hour

sheeting machine

The sheeting machine can spread the wet potato powder into the required thickness dough sheet. The advanced technology of Twin rollers design for good effect dough sheet.

Dimension 3300mm*1500mm*2450 mm
Power 19.25 KWH
Weight 7000KG
Frame U steel
Sheeting type                    Twin roller
Sheeting roller Soild roller
 Bearing  SKF
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Capacity 250kg/hr

forming machine

Forming machine can be used to form the shape of the chips.

Dimension 3380*1560*2000 mm
Power 4.5 Kw
Weight 1200KG
Frame Stainless steel
Driver roller Stainless steel
Assist roller Stainless steel
Forming roller Stainless steel
Conveyor PU
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Capacity 250kg/hour

disintegrator system

Disintegrator system is used to recycle the leftover material.

Dimension 1560*1160*2050 mm
Power 8.6 KWH
Weight 680KG
Machine Material Full Stainless steel 304
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Capacity 250kg/hour

frying system

The fryer can be used to fry the chips and make the compound chips the fixed shape.

Dimension 9100*1800*2430 mm
Power 30 KWH
Weight 6000KG
Frame U steel
Frying tunnel Stainless steel
cover Stainless steel
Transfer conveyor Stainless steel
Chips fixing system Stainless steel
Chips disengage system Stainless steel
Frying hood lift and down   Automatic Screw lifter
Oil tank Including
 Base Oil filter Including
Oil recycle pipeline Including
Capacity 250 kg/hr

flavoring machine with conveyor

Flavoring system with conveyor can be used to flavor the chips with different flavoring. It is a good effect seasoning machine for spraying different flavoring powder.

Dimension 4300*2200*1800 mm
Power 3 KWH
Weight 900KG
Machine Material Full Stainless steel 304
Capacity 250 kg/hr
Voltage 380V/50HZ


The conveyor is for conveying the finished potato chips to the packing line. With a PLC system inside, the operator can choose automatic control or manual control mode.

Capacity 200-250 kg/hr
Power 1.5 kw
Dimension 8000*1150*1100 mm
Weight 960 kg
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