fully automatic potato chips making machines unit

Automatic Potato Chips Line Introduction

The automatic potato chips line is a perfect line to produce good quality potato chips from washing, peeling, slicing, raising, blanching, de-watering, frying, de-oiling, seasoning to packing automatically. We can customize the line with different capacities of 100kg/h, 200kg/h and 300kg/h, etc. It is suitable for big potato chips plant. Our potato chips machines will enable you to develop a wide variety of potato chips and produce these with a constant quality guarantee. The well-balanced engineering and user-friendliness of our machines will enable you to get fried potato chips with top quality.

Main Processing Steps of Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

Potatoes → Elevator Feeding → Washing and Peeling → Selecting → Elevator Feeding → Slicing → Rinsing → Blanching → De-watering(vibration and air blowing) → Frying → De-oiling(vibration and air blowing) → Seasoning → Automatic Weighing and Packaging


Frying time: 3 minutes.  Frying temperature:180℃.   Blanching time: 7-15 minutes.   Blanching temperature: 70℃

Most Popular Models Of Automatic Potato Chips Line

Model APC-100 APC-200 APC-350 APC-500
Output Capacity 100-150 kg/h 200-250 kg/h 350-400 kg/h 400-500 kg/h
Elecrioty Consumption 155.8Kw h 209.7Kw.h 270.4Kw.h 380Kw.h
Plant area 200m² 300m² 400m² 600m²

Main Equipment of Automatic Potato Chips Plant

potato chips manufacturing plant fully automatic

Potato elevator: used to transfer the fresh potatoes into the cleaning and peeling machine in large quantities. This machine is optional for some chips making factories.
Cleaning and peeling machine: used to wash fresh potatoes and peel the skin automatically without damage.
Potato Cutting Machine: cut the potatoes into chips, sticks, and wave chips, just change different knives. The thickness of the chips or sticks is adjustable.
Potato Chips Blanching Machine: used to prepare chips frying, it can make the color, and taste better and make the chips crispier.
Vibration Dewatering Machine: used to remove the extra water by high-frequency vibration after blanching
Air Blowing De-watering Machine: used to reduce the water contained in the chips, thus it will be easier to be fried.
Potato Chips Frying machine: For the potato chips needed to be totally fried to make it crisper, if produce frozen French fries, only need to be half fried.
Air blowing de-oiling machine: totally removes the oil in the products.
Potato Chips Flavoring machine: it is to mix the flavor to the surface of the chips to get different tastes chips. Cover more consumers.
Potato Chips packing machine: used to pack the final product. Our fully automatic packing machine can feed, elevate, weigh, and pack potato chips automatically.

Automatic Potato Chips Plant Advantage

1. High efficiency: High Automatic, low oil consumption. Save labor and energy. The whole potato chips production line is easy to operate with high productivity.
2. Reliable performance: the potato chips and crisps have good shape with a smooth surface and uniform thickness. Besides, the thickness could be adjusted according to your requirements.
3. Multifunctional: potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, cassava, and other root-stem vegetables could be processed as raw materials. The line also can be adjusted for French fries production.
4. Safe: all the potato chips machines are made of stainless steel which accords with the healthy standards well.
5. Different capacities can be customized.

Automatic Potato Chips Plant Technical Data

100kg/h Automatic Potato Chips Line

Input capacity: 400-500kg/h
Output capacity: 100kg/h

No. Machine Power Dimension
1 Elevator feeding machine 0.75kw 2600*1000*1600mm
2 Potato peeling machine 3.37 kw 2800*1000*1400mm
3 Selecting conveyor 1.50 kw 3000*800*950mm
4 Elevator feeding machine 0.75kw 2000*1000*1800mm
5 Potato slicing machine 1.50 kw 800*810*750mm
6 Rinsing machine 4.50 kw 4000*1200*1300mm
7 Blanching machine (Gas heating) 3.70 kw 4000*1200*2200mm
8 Vibration dewatering machine 0.36 kw 1800*1000*1100mm
9 Air blowing de-watering machine 6.00 kw 4000*1200*1400mm
10 Elevator feeding machine 0.75 kw 2000*1000*1300mm
11 Frying machine (external gas heating) 5.94 kw 6000*1200*2200mm
12 Oil storage tank 1.50 ks 1200*1200*1800mm
13 Oil adding tank 6.00kw 1380*600*1580mm
14 Oil filter 1.50 kw 700*700*1000mm
15 Air blowing de-oiling machine 6.00 kw 4000*1200*1400mm
16 Elevator feeding machine 0.75 kw 2000*800*2200mm
17 Seasoning machine 1.50 kw 1500*900*1500mm
18 Elevator feeding machine 0.55 kw 1500*800*1000mm
19 Automatic weighing and packing machine (420 with 10 head weigher) 6.00 kw 4500*3000*3750mm

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