Introduction of  Baked Potato Chips Production Line

Raw material: potato powder.
Final products: baked potato chips

Baked potato chips production line is developed based on the oil fried compound potato chips processing plant. Featured with high automation, easy operation and smooth running, this baked potato chips processing line is for producing non-fried potato chips industrially. The main processing steps are sheeting, baking, and flavoring. The potato chips are baked in the tunnel baking oven rather than fried in the frying machine and then seasoned. Chips of different flavors could be made by spraying different flavored powder, such as tomato flavor, seaweed flavor, spicy flavor and so on. The baked potato chips are healthy and popular worldwide.

Model ALC-BPC250 ALC-BPC500
Capacity 250 kg/hr 500kg/hr
Power 130 kw/hr 140kw/hr
Gas Consumption 25 kg/hr 45-50kg/hr
Compressed air pressure 25-30 m³/hr 35-40 m³/hr
Length 30 m 40 m
Thickness of chips 1-5mm

Main Equipment of Non-fried Potato Chips Plant

The main baked potato chips processing machines are potato powder mixing machine, sheeting machine, potato chips forming machine, residual material recycling machine, oil spraying machine, tunnel chips baking oven, cooling conveying system, season spraying machine, packing machine.

Processing Steps of Baked Potato Chips Processing Line

main processing steps of non-fried potato chips production

raw material lifting→mixing→constant conveyor→spreading→continuous roller→sheeting→forming→baking→oil spraying→seasoning→cooling→sorting→packing

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