Small Scale Frozen French Fries Line Introduction

This frozen french fries line is your economic choice for small scale frozen french fries production. It has advantage of low investment and high profit. The output capacity can be customized from 100kg/h to 300kg/h according to customers’ needs. Compared to the fully automatic frozen french fries line with same capacity, the investment is lower, easy operation and maintain. This line can also be used for potato chips production by adding a seasoning machine.

Most Popular Model Of The Small Frozen French Fries Line

Model SFF-100 SFF-200 SFF-300
Input capacity 200kg/h 320kg/h 480kg/h
Output capacity 100kg/h 200kg/h 300kg/h
Power 56.4kw 113.85kw 123.64kw
Oil consumption 5kg/h 10kg/h 15kg/h
Plant area 60m² 80m² 100m²

Feature Of The Semi Auto Frozen French Fries Line

▶ We have various choice for different french fries machines of washing peeling, cutting, blanching, frying, dewatering, deoiling and packing etc. we can supply you the line according to different requirement.
▶ This line can also be used for fried potato chips by adding a seasoning machine.
▶ You can also prepare the freezer at your end.
▶ We can supply you the formula for making frozen french fries for free.
▶ The size of the french fries can be from 7mm – 12mm as per your needs

small potato chips plant

Machines List of 100kg/h Small Scale Frozen French Fries Line

Input 200kg/h,
Output 100kg/h

No. Equipment Model Power Dimension
1 Potato Peeling Machine TP-30 1.10kw 700*650*850mm
2 Potato Cutting Machine QS-400 0.75kw 650*510*700mm
3 Blanching Machine PT-1000 24.00kw 1300*830*970mm
4 De-watering Machine TS-400 1.10kw 1000*500*700mm
5 Frying Machine DYZ-1000 24.00kw 1300*830*970mm
6 De-oiling Machine TY-400 1.10kw 1000*500*700mm
7 Freezing Machine SD-100 3.00kw 5500*1900*1880mm
8 Packing Machine DZ-400/2S 1.0kw 1050*650*855mm

Processing Steps of  Small Scale Frozen French Fries Line

The first step is potato washing and peeling. Emery lining cleaning & peeling machine or brush type cleaning peeling machine, both of them could finish cleaning and peeling one time, high efficiency and low cost.
Potato cutting. You could cut the potato into both slice and bar shape; besides, the thickness and size of them could be adjusted totally as your preference.
Thirdly, put the potato strips into a blanching machine for washing and blanching in hot water to deactivate enzymes, make them look more attractive.
The following step is de-watering in order to save the time of frying and make the products more delicious.
Then Fry the potato chips in the water-oil chips frying machine:  Water-oil frying increases greatly the oil’s using cycle, saving lots of costs. What’s more, the exact oil temperature guarantees the good quality and taste of french fries.
De-oiling machine: reduce the oil content of potato chips, make them more delicious.
Freezing machine: made of stainless steel, could make freezing in a short time.
❤  French Fries Packing Machine: It is with vacuum sealing function. It can prevent the products from oxidization and mildew, as well as corrosion and moisture, keeping the quality and freshness of the french fries over a prolonged storage time.

Market Potential of  French Fries

yummy frozen french fries

1. Quick service restaurant: these are the main buyer of frozen French fries.
2. Restaurant and eateries: the share of this segment has the highest growth potential because of the sheer size of restaurants and eating joints in the country.
3. Bars and pubs: the sale in this segment would increase at a fast rate.
4. Flight caterers and luxury trains: Caterers, both flight, and railways are another segment among the user of French fries, growing at the rate of 10%.
5. Retail sales: Frozen French Fries are also sold in retail outlets, like frozen vegetables and meat products from the refrigerated outlets.

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