Introduction of Small Potato Chips Making Line

This semi-automatic potato chips line is specially designed for small scale potato chips manufacturer. It is the best choice for retailer store, supermarket, restaurant and potato chips business starter for its lower investment and small space requirement. It has the similar functions as the fully automatic potato chips line. We can customzied the line as per your requirment. Usually it has 30kg/h, 50kg/h and 100kg/h for your choice.

Specifications of The Small Potato Chips Line

Model Output Capacity Total Power Plant area
CY-30 30kg/h 53.8 KW 50㎡
CY-50 50kg/h 79.9Kw 75㎡
CY-100 100kg/h 120.24Kw 100㎡

Features of Small Potato Crisps Processing Line

▶ High Quality: All potato chips machines are made of 304 stainless steel, which is healthy and safe for food production.
▶ Stable Performance Guarantee: All potato chips machines will be tested before shipment for production smoothly.
▶ Installation: This potato chips line is easy for installation, operation and maintaining. You just need to connect the power correctly when the machines arrive at your place.
▶ Workers Needed: It will need 4-8 workers for potato chips production. It is better to have 1 worker for each machine. (It will be related to the production capacity. If only 1 worker, the capaicty will be lower accordingly. )
▶ Electric or Gas Heating System: The potato chips blanching machine and potato chips frying machine can be made with electric heating system or gas heating system according to your requirement.
▶ Water Consumption: The water consumption is related to the potato condition. Usulaly it needs about 100-200kg/h for small scale potato chips line.
▶ Oil Consumption: It is about 15%-20% as per the output capacity. That means you will need 15kg oil if you want 100kg fried potato chips. You need add the oil before operation everyday. The oil residue can be discharged with the water together from the bottom pipe of the frying machine, that can keep the oil clean and with longer life time.

Machines List of 30kg/h Small Scale Potato Chips Line

Input 100kg/h
Output 30kg/h

No. Equipment Model Power Dimension
1 Potato Peeling Machine TP-10 0.75kw 700*530*900mm
2 Potato Slicing Machine QS-40 0.75kw 650*510*700mm
3 Blanching Machine PT-1000 24.00kw 1300*830*970mm
4 De-watering Machine TS-400 1.10kw 1000*500*700mm
5 Frying Machine DYZ-1000 24.00kw 1300*830*970mm
6 De-oiling Machine TY-400 1.10kw 1000*500*700mm
7 Seasoning Machine BL-800 1.10kw 1000*800*1300mm
8 Packing Machine DZ-400/2S 1.00kw 1050*650*855mm

Functions of Each Potato Chips Making Machine

small potato chips making machine

Potato washing & peeling machine: used to clean and peel the skin of potatoes, energy-conserving, and high efficiency.
Potato cutting machine: slice the potatoes into slices and bar shape, the thickness can be adjusted according to your preference.
Potato Chips blanching machine: this is used for washing the potato chips, making them look more attractive.
Potato Chips De-watering machine: with centrifugal force, saving the time of frying and make the chips more delicious.
Potato Chips Frying machine: adopt water & oil mixture frying machine, after the operation is finished, you just need to release the water, at the same time the residue will flow outside together with the water, greatly increasing the oil’s using recycle.
Potato Chips De-oiling machine: reduce the oil content of potato chips, make preparation for flavoring.
Potato Chips Flavoring machine: adopt spray method, seasoning the potato chips evenly, and the potato chips are not easy to break.
Potato chips packing machine: inflate the nitrogen into bags while packaging potato chips. Could finish inflation, packaging, and printing one time

Suggestion and Customize for the small potato chips line

▶ The whole potato chips plant is made as per brand new technology
▶ We can make the potato chips plant as per your local voltage. Please confirm the voltage before production.
▶ If the power is not stable and the cost is higher, we suggest you to make the potato chips blanching and frying machine with gas heating system.
▶ If water recource is not sufficient, you can use the seawater or groundwater to replace the fresh water for washing peeling for cost saving.
▶ We can supply you the formula for making fried potato chips for free.

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