♣ Raw Materials


The raw materials could be sweet potato, carrot, cassava, and other vegetables besides potato.

♣ The Proportion of Potato to Potato Chips
Usually, 3.5kg of fresh potatoes can make 1kg of fried potato chips. So the proportion of potato to fried potato chips is 3.5:1. But it will be different as per different potatoes and frying time.

♣ Installation
Our small-scale potato chips production line is made up of 8 machines, and each machine will be tested and assembled before shipment. You just need to connect the power correctly when they arrived at your side, which is very convenient.

For the large-scale potato chips line. We will arrange our engineers to your factory for installation and commission the running. Make sure the line is correctly assembled and smoothly working. And also we will train your engineers to operate the machines correctly and smoothly. Video guide installation online will be chosen during the COVID-19

♣ Oil Consumption (50kg/h small-scale potato chips line)
In theory, the oil consumption is about 15%-20% as per the output capacity. That means you will need 15kg of oil if you want 100kg of fried potato chips. You need to add the oil before operation every day. The oil residue can be discharged with the water together from the bottom pipe of the potato chips frying machine. Which can keep the oil clean and with a longer lifetime.


♣ Water Consumption (50kg/h small-scale potato chips line)
As for the water consumption, it is related to the potatoes’ condition and also your own requirement. Usually, it needs 200-500kg/h according to the different capacities. As for the line of 50kg/h, it needs about 200kg of water per hour. The water is mainly used for washing and peeling the potatoes.

♣ Workers You Need (Small-scale potato chips line)
It is better to have one worker for each machine. Or one worker for 2 machines.

♣ Voltage
As for the voltage, we will make it as per your local requirement. So please kindly confirm the voltage before production.

♣Spare Parts
We have a full set of spare parts for the machines. We suggest you buy at least one extra set along with the machines.

Here is the answer

♣ Exported to These Countries
Mexico, Nigeria, Finland, Latvia, USA, UK, France, Egypt, Ecuador, Iraq, Thailand, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Algeria, Tanzania, Morocco, Spain, etc.

♣ Warranty
One year.

♣ Working Video
The working video will be sent to you upon receipt of your inquiry. We have a clear working video for small-scale and full-automatic potato chips production line.

♣ Recipe
If you need it, we will send you our recipes along with the machine for your reference.