Syrian customer ordered a 100kg/h potato chip production line and two full-automatic packaging machines in April 2020. The Customer have two local food processing plants in Syria. These potato chips plant and food packing machines are very profitable investment for him to expand his business

Potato chips is a very popular snack food in Syria. Among all kinds of potato chips, fresh potato chips is the most popular. Because of their delicious taste and well preserved nutrition, potato chips with different flavors can be bought in many local supermarkets. However, due to local social reasons, there is no large-scale potato chip processing factory. Local potato chips and other snack foods are mainly imported from other countries. In recent years, a number of snack food processing factories of different sizes have emerged to seize the market opportunity.

The customer also ordered some of food additives as samples. During the production and sales of potato chips, Crispy or not, the taste and the shelf life are very important. The following additives are Frequently used: Monostearate glyceride, calcium carbonate, citric acid, sodium D-isoascorbate, tert butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ), lemon yellow, caramel color

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