On March 10, 2021, Pakistani customer went to our factory to have a business meeting and also investigated the production strength and product quality of our factory. After two days of investigation, he was very satisfied with our products and factory, we signed a contract on March 11. The contract is for a 500 kg/h potato chip production line, the full line include lifting, cleaning, peeling, sorting, slicing, blanching, frying to packaging. The potato chips machine list is as follows

We begin to design and produce from 15th March. The lead time is 30days. It is very tight to produce such big production line, all staff of Tonde machinery worked hard to complete the order on time in high quality. Quality control was strictly carried out from reserve the raw material to the full process of producing the machines.

500kg/hpotato chips production line Pakistan

All the electric components included the motors are required to adopt the world famous brand like Siemens and Schneider. We ordered all the necessary electric components and motors for this order from Siemens and Schneider China agency in shortest time to ensure all will match that lead time

The order finally completed in 20days. Customers inspect and test this 500kg/h potato chips production line after all is finished. The result is perfect. On April 20, seven containers began to be loaded and sent to Karachi. We reinforced the goods in the container to prevent collision damage to the goods during transportation.

On June 20, the customer responded very well after installation. From final potato chips quality to output capacity perfectly meet his requirements. The customer was very satisfid with the potato chips plant and would order more Tonde potato chips line when they need expand their business.

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