On April 20, 2021, Nine containers will be transported by sea to Karachi seaport Pakistan after two days of hard and laborious loading. This order is an automatic frozen French fries production line with a production capacity of 1000 kg per hour purchased by a Pakistan agent.

It takes 45 days from design to production and commissioning, with high standards and high configuration. Tonde company attaches great importance to it . From material selection to production process supervision, senior executives of the company personally monitor the whole process to ensure that orders are delivered on time in high quality. According to the customer’s requirements, the processes of cleaning, peeling, cutting, blanching, frying, seasoning, freezing and packaging are carried out in strict accordance with the food production safety standards.

After 30 days, the container arrived at the customer’s factory. We couldn’t send engineer to Pakistan because of the COVID-19, so we help guide the installation via video phone. The customer spent 7 days to complete the installation and commissioning of this frozen French fries production line. Perfect coordination of all the progress

The customer’s production line is mainly used for the deep processing of potatoes. The final product is bagged frozen French fries, which are used to supply major supermarkets, stores, fast food restaurants, canteens, food factories, etc.

Frozen French fries are a very popular snack food in Pakistan. French fries are delicious and crisp with all kinds of ketchup, jam, sesame paste and meat sauce, and have a very broad market prospect. For investors, the profit of this project is very considerable. It is a very suitable food project for investment.

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